Punakha to Paro

   Punakha to Paro Road Distance 126 km
   Punakha to Paro Aerial Distance 49 km
  Punakha to Paro Travel Time 3 h 22 min

How to reach Paro from Punakha

Punakha to Paro route

The best way to travel from Punakha to Paro is by road (bus/car) as there are no train or flight services in Punakha. The distance from Punakha to Paro is just 128 km which takes about 3 hours 22 minutes via road.

Knowing The Details

1. Punakha to Paro by Bus
2. Punakha to Paro by Car/Taxi
3. Popular Routes to Paro
4. Popular Routes from Punakha
5. Places to Visit in Paro
6. Hotels in Paro

1. Punakha to Paro by Bus

There are a good number of buses available from Punakha to Paro, but it may not be frequent. One will get frequent buses from Punakha to Thimphu and thereafter, to Paro. If you want to travel directly from Punakha to Paro, you will have to book the busses at least 3-4 days in advance.

Type of buses available:
State-run buses, private run mini-buses
Dhug Transport, Bumpa Transport, Cee Dee Transport
Route Taken: Punakha to Thimphu through Kabisa and Thimphu to Paro

Timings of buses:
Punakha to Thimphu: Daily 12:30 P.M. and 5:30 P.M.
Thimphu to Paro: Daily 9 A.M, 11:30 A.M.

Duration of the Journey: About 4 hours

Road Condition
The road condition from Punakha to Paro is in relatively good condition as compared to the other roads in Bhutan. However, not every road is blacktopped, and hence, it is better to be cautious when you plan.

Buses of Bhutan are said to be in very bad condition. They have been nicknamed as ‘vomit comets’ since a number of passengers puke while travelling. Added to these are the road conditions. Thus, if you face any health issue while travelling on public buses, it is better to

2. Punakha to Paro by Car/Taxi

The drive from Punakha to Paro is through picturesque Himalayan Mountain and along the Paro Chhu and Wang Chhu. One can also climb up the Dochula Pass to have a glimpse of the mesmerizing eastern Himalayas. There are a number of taxi/cab services available from Punakha to Paro which regularly travel within these two cities.

Transport Options
You can easily hire a cab or taxi from Punakha. There are many local car service providers ready to take you to your destination. One such service is the NETaxi. They have a wide range of variety of cars, and the cost depends on which car you choose.

Duration: 3 hours 22 minutes – 4 hours
Approximate Cost: BTN 3000 – BTN 6500

Route Options
· Thimphu-Punakha Highway
· Thimphu Wangdue Phodrang Highway

Road Condition from Punakha to Paro
Being a mountainous kingdom, Bhutan’s roads are mostly adorned with hills and hairpin bends. The meandering roads are extremely difficult to drive into and need professional drivers who are well acquainted with the roads. While Paro to Thimphu has considerably better roads than the rest of the country, due to the location of the Paro International Airport and the recent opening of a two-lane highway, not all the regions in the country have been fortunate enough to be blessed. The road from Thimphu to Punakha has been described as ‘strenuous’ by many travellers, and it may take you more time than anticipated to reach your destination.

Eating Options on the Way: While you drive through the hilly terrain, the best places to have food are the local shops you get on the way. The food there is pretty hygienic and clean, with a touch of homeliness and love.

Possible stopovers on the Way: You may stop at DochuLa Pass to admire the lofty mountains from the peak.

Popular Routes to Paro

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Phuentsholing to Paro 3 h 49 min 142.7 km
Thimpu to Paro 1 h 14 min 50.7 km
Punakha to Paro 3 h 22 min 126 km

Popular Routes from Punakha

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Punakha to Paro 3 h 22 min 126 km
Punakha to Thimphu

Top Hotels In Paro