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Ideal duration: 1-2 Days

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"The Venice of Southeast Asia"

Palembang Tourism

Along with being one of the oldest cities in Asia, the city, also known as Kota Pempek, the city is also nicknamed Kota Pempek. Palembang does have a strong cultural and historical significance which draws the offbeat travellers or backpackers. It was once called the Venice of East but the charm has depleted over the centuries. The silhouette of the famous Ampera Bridge is iconic in Palembang and is one of the popular tourist destinations in the city. Palembang is also known for its eco-tourism and has recently opened a recreational ecotourism park as well! 

Palembang spreads over an area of about 400 sq. km. and is recognized as one of the oldest cities in Indonesia. It occupies the lowlands that are situated to the east of the Bukit Barisan Mountains. The city is located about 105 kilometres away from the Bangka Strait Coast and lies over the River Musi, the largest river in Sumatra Province. Once popular as the Venice of Indonesia, it has since laboured under the brunt of poor infrastructure which has hindered tourism but a focus on building tourist infrastructure has become a priority in the city.

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2 Day Itinerary For Palembang

Although tourism in Palembang is not as expected, travellers will find some attractions in the city that would make their visit worthwhile.

Day 1: One start their day with a serene cruise in River Musi and see or shop at the floating markets. In the evening, one can head to the Ampera Bridge which was built in 1962 and, at a length of 224 metres, is one of the largest bridges in the country. This bridge connects the north and the south banks of the city and extends over River Musi. At dusk every day, the bridge becomes a spectacle with its bright neon coloured lights.

Day 2: A visit to the river island, Kemaro Island, located about 6 kilometres from the Ampera Bridge, can be accommodated on the second day while exploring Palembang. This island is situated in the middle of one of the deltas of River Musi. It has a Buddhist Shrine and the graves of the Princess of Srivijaya, Princess Siti Fatimah and a Prince of China, Prince Tan Bun An.

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Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Municipal Museum
Ampera Birdge - Famous Land Mark
Tombs at Bukit Seguntang Hills

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FAQs on Palembang

What is the best time to visit Palembang?

The best time to visit Palembang is between the months of June and September. The region the city lies in experiences a tropical climate, so there is rainfall all through the year. But, between June and September, the city experiences less rainfall compared to the rest of the year.

The average temperature is about 28ᵒC and the rainfall varies between 104 mm to 120 mm. October onwards, the city receives high levels of rainfall (180 mm to 360 mm). November to May are the wettest months of the year. Therefore, the four months between June and September are the best to explore the city.
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What is the best way to reach Palembang?

Travellers can reach Palembang by train, by bus or by flight. Other cities of Sumatra Province have regular buses plying to Palembang and disembark at the Alang-Alang Lebar Bus Terminal. Those opting for the railways can board one of the trains heading to Stasiun Kertapati, which is the city's railway station. Palembang also has an airport, the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport (PLM). There are a considerable number of flights connecting this airport to most cities in Indonesia.
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What are the things to do in Palembang?

The top things to do in Palembang are Kemaro Island, Palembang Icon, Al Qur'an Al Akbar, Monpera, Ampera Bridge, Sriwijaya Kingdom Archaeological Park. You can see all the places to visit in Palembang here

What are the places near Palembang?

The top places near to Palembang are Jakarta which is 421 km from Palembang, Bali which is located 1288 km from Palembang, Bandung which is located 539 km from Palembang, Lombok which is located 1425 km from Palembang, Surabaya which is located 1004 km from Palembang

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