How To Reach Pai

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Sub-Region: Mae Hong Son Province


How to Reach Pai

Travellers can take a car, motorbike or bus from Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai to Pai. There is also one flight that operates between Chiang Mai to Pai.

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How to Reach Pai from India

Indians can fly into Chiang Mai airport from all the major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. The popular airlines are Thai Airways and SilkAir.

Visa Policy for Indians

Indians are eligible for the Visa on Arrival service in the whole of Thailand. You can obtain this service in Bangkok and Chiang Mai at the respective checkpoints. For more information on the visa processes, you can visit the official embassy website.

How to Reach Pai by Bus

There are buses and mini buses that depart from Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son to Pai. Public buses from Chiang Mai takes 4 hours and costs 80 Baht, and buses from the Arcade bus station takes 150 Baht, which is a better option.

How to Reach Pai by Flight

Kan Airlines is the only airlines operating betwwen Chiang Mai and Pai. It is the only airlines that flies in and out of the Pai airport. Travellers can also fly into Bangkok or Chiang Mai and then reach Pai by road.

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How to Reach Pai by Road

A car journey from Mae Hong Son or Chiang Mai to Pai is a tiring journey, but worthwhile because the route is very scenic. However, it can be an expensive affair.

Local Transport in Pai

This town can be best explored on foot. If not prefered, bicylcles and motorbikes are available for rent at aroung 50-80 Baht per day.

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