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Local transport in Padar Island

One has to take a boat from Labuan Bajo for Komodo National park. Since, the island is quite laid back and has no land strips, commuting around the island is mostly on foot. The locals and tourists over there prefer hiking around the island for thrilling experiences.  But to reach far away points, boats are hired. It is also recommended to use speed boats rather than the slow ones if planning a short budget trip since the slow boat may charge you comparatively less but may not take you to the desired spots in that particular time frame. Padar Island is a very small and compact area, with no accommodation facilities and public transportation. Tourists generally hike from Komodo island to Padar Island

Padar Island Photos

Padar Island
Padar Island Located Between Komodo and Rinca islands
Padar Island - Home for Tri-coloured Beaches
Alluring View of Pink Beach, Padar Island

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