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Padar Island

"Beautiful beaches on the Indonesian archipelago"

Padar Island Tourism

Padar Island is the third largest island in Komodo National Park, located in between its two sibling islands- Komodo Island and Rinca island. Padar is surrounded by beautiful rugged hills that offer a splendid panoramic view. It is a perfect place for hikers that love a challenge. The hike up Padar hill is an activity that is one of the most popular things to do on Padar Island.

Hiking to the hills of Padar Island is one of the most adventurous activities in Komodo. Padar Island is also home to one of the world's only pink beaches. The sand gets its colour from minuscule red volcanic sediments. Komodo National Park has beaches of three colours and these tricolour beaches can be seen from Padar Island. It is a paradise for adventure seekers and a completely another world full of diverse wildlife and aquatic treasures like the rare manta rays, and other exotic marine species.

Unfortunately, Komodo dragons can't be witnessed here since, the species have gone extinct and can now only be found at Komodo Island and its neighbouring Island- Rinca. Padar Island is covered with rolling hills adjacent to mesmerizing turquoise blue seas that offer an enchanting and serene landscape.

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Things to Do in Padar Island

Scuba Diving
Padar Island's small size belies its diversity in wildlife, with several species of sharks and manta rays making the region popular amongst scuba enthusiasts. One can also go scuba diving in the depths of the sea to explore the marine biosphere of diverse aquatic species. One must visit this particular spot for prime scuba diving experiences. There's a diving spot called 'Tiga Dara' in the south of the island, that provides a place for colourful corals and attracts the most beautiful aquatic animals.

If visiting Padar Island one must have the thrilling experience of snorkelling in the beautiful crystal clear water of the Flores Sea. Since there are no accommodation facilities at Padar Island, one can camp on the mystical hills.

The steep hills encompassing Padar Island also make for great trekking and is another thrilling experience to enjoy.

Pink, Black, White sand beaches
Padar Island is also home to three different coloured beaches. A black sand beach that gets its colour from darkly coloured minerals crushed by volcanic activity, lies next to a jaw-dropping baby pink beach. To complete the trifecta, a white sand beach is also found on Padar Island, and a trek through all three beaches is a must-do for all that visit the island.

Komodo Dragons
Fearsome Komodo dragons used to inhabit Padar Island but they've gone extinct. Nevertheless, they still exist in significant numbers in the neighbouring islands of Komodo and Rinca, so a trip to Padar Island would be incomplete without going to see these ferocious beasts.

Tips while Visiting Padar Island

  • One must carry sunscreen along to avoid the direct heat.
  • As there is no place to stay on the island, one can either camp on the hills, or book a hotel room in the nearby Labuan Bajo.
  • The scuba divers must not forget their diving certificates when coming to Padar Island.

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Padar Island
Padar Island Located Between Komodo and Rinca islands
Padar Island - Home for Tri-coloured Beaches
Alluring View of Pink Beach, Padar Island

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FAQs on Padar Island

What is famous about Padar island?

The best part of visiting padar island is its beautiful panoramic view from the hilltop.

Who should visit Padar island?

 Padar Island is suitable for all. It is an appropriate place for hikers.

What is the best time to visit Padar island?

The best time to visit Padar island is from April to June. Also, the dry season between September and December is a good option. July and August are the peak time when Padar Island is a little more crowded than usual. Whereas, it is suggested to avoid the months between December and March as they are the wettest months of the year.

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What are the places near Padar island?

The top places near to Padar island are Komodo national park which is 16 km from Padar island, Lombok which is located 358 km from Padar island, Makassar which is located 389 km from Padar island, Sumba which is located 94 km from Padar island, Bali which is located 495 km from Padar island

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