Mumbai to Nainital

   Mumbai to Nainital Road Distance 1,688 km
   Mumbai to Nainital Aerial Distance 1,325 km
  Mumbai to Nainital Travel Time 1 day 4 hours

How to reach Nainital from Mumbai

The Preferred Way of Travelling from Mumbai to Nainital
The most preferred way of reach Nainital from Mumbai would be a mixture of Flight and bus routes as it would be tedious to undertake solely road trips for this journey.

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Knowing The Details

1. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Flight
2. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Train
3. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Car
4. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Bus
5. Popular Routes to Nainital
6. Popular Routes from Mumbai
7. Places to Visit in Nainital
8. Hotels in Nainital

1. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Flight

Nainital is located over 1700 kilometres away from Mumbai. Taking a flight, therefore, is the fastest way to reach the hill station. But there is no airport in Nainital. The nearest ones are Pantnagar Airport which is located about 65 kilometres away and the Dehradun Airport, located 215 kilometres away. Also, there are hardly any direct flights compared to the indirect ones. Booking the tickets well in advance can make the trip convenient.

Nearest Airports
  • Jolly Grant Airport/ Dehradun Airport
  • Pantnagar Airport
Direct or Indirect Flight Options Available
 From Mumbai, there are frequent flights scheduled for Dehradun and Pantnagar. Almost all of them are connecting/ indirect flights with at least one stop. The regular flying airlines between Mumbai and Dehradun are IndiGo, Jet Airways and Air India and the one connecting Mumbai and Pantnagar is only Air India. The fastest flight with a stop in between would have a flight time of approximately 5 hours. The ones with some stops and a layover would take between 10 to 30 hours. The usual stopovers/ layovers are at Ahmedabad, Surat, Delhi, Jaipur and Guwahati.
Preferably Local Transport from the Airport
From Pantnagar Airport, which is located about 65 kilometres away, the best mode of transport is a rental cab or a taxi. Travellers can hire a ride from outside the airport and reach Nainital in about an hour and a half. 

For those landing in Dehradun, there are options between a bus or a cab ride to Nainital. It is located about 215 kilometres away and requires 7 to 8 hours of a road trip.
  • There are three routes that lead to Nainital from Pantnagar – the NH 109/ SH 41 route (62 kilometres), the NH 309/ SH 13 route (59 kilometres approximately) and the SH 13 route via Dineshpur Main Chowraha (57 kilometres).
  • The route from Dehradun goes via NH 34 – NH 734.

2. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Train

The railhead near Nainital is the Lal Kuan Railway Station. It is considered as the closest one and is located about 70 kilometres away from the Hill Station. The only drawback is that there are no direct trains available between Mumbai and Lal Kuan. So, a stopover and an interchange are required at New Delhi. Trains are readily accessible to reach New Delhi from Mumbai. The journey takes about 30 hours one-way. From the New Delhi Railway Station, travellers can find some trains heading to Lal Kuan. If they miss these trains, they can still arrange for an outstation cab ride or a bus ride to travel a distance of 280 kilometres approximately and reach Nainital.
Train Options Available
There are at least 7 to 9 trains operating between Mumbai and New Delhi daily (once a day, all days of the week). Some more trains run infrequently. It is good to keep a close tab on the schedules in case someone misses the daily trains. The main trains operating between Mumbai and New Delhi are Dehradun Express, FZR Janata Express, ERS NZM Duronto, Paschim Express, Dee Garibnath, Mangala Ldweep, Mumbai Rajdhani, Aug Kr Raj Express, Punjab Mail, CSMT ASR Express and Golden Temple MI.

From New Delhi to Lal Kuan, there are only three trains – Ranikhet Express, UTR Samprk K Express and NDLS KGM SHT. All these trains operate once every day, all days of the week.

Starting Stations
  • Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • New Delhi Railway Station
Drop Station
Lal Kuan Railway Station
Train Timings
The trains between Mumbai and New Delhi are scheduled every few hours. At times, there are some scheduled to depart every 40 to 45 minutes. The first train departs around 12:00 AM IST while the last one leaves around 11:30 PM IST.

The trains heading to Lal Kuan from New Delhi are scheduled once every day, all days of the week. The earliest train departs around 06:00 AM IST and the last one departs about 08:00 PM IST.

Duration of the Journey: 21 to 36 hours (excludes the stop time)
The fare is dependent on the class chosen by the travellers. From Mumbai to New Delhi, an AC First class (1A) ticket would cost around INR 4500/-, an AC 2-tier (2A), approximately INR 2500/-, an AC 3-tier (3A) would cost around INR 1800/- and a Sleeper Class ticket would be priced approximately INR 650/-. From New Delhi to Lal Kuan, a Coach Chair would cost INR 600/-, an Executive Chair Car (EC) would be generally priced at INR 1200/-, a Second-Class ticket would cost INR 150/- approximately while a Sleeper Class would go for INR 200/-. Higher category of seats like AC First class (1A), AC 2-tier (2A) and AC 3-tier (3A) would cost around INR 1200/-, INR 700/-, and INR 500/- respectively per person.
Preferable Local Transport from Drop Location
Travellers can use local modes of transportation to reach Nainital. Taxis and rickshaws are readily available from outside the railway station. One can also book a cab for the entire day.
Bookings must be made in advance for those who want to reach Lal Kuan by train.

3. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Car

Travelling a distance of over 1700 kilometres from Mumbai to reach Nainital can be a good option for those who are fascinated by the idea of a long road trip. There is undoubtedly a lot of freedom travellers can get when they drive themselves. It takes about three days to reach the hill station, but driving there non-stop can be an exhausting affair. So, an overnight stay in between for rest is much recommended. Also, unlike bus travel, it can actually be useful for those who would like to explore other tourist destinations. The entire journey goes through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and there are three routes to choose from depending on the destinations one wants to explore. An early start would make the trip safer, and small pitstops for refreshments would make it a little faster too.

Cab Services
If self-driving seems like a problematic deal, one can opt for rental cars which are readily available at any Travel and Tours Companies in Mumbai. Nowadays, online bookings are also preferred by travellers because they provide instant and hassle-free confirmations. Depending on the number of passengers, one can go for a hatchback or a sedan, a sports utility vehicle or a minivan. A premium car can also be a good option for a long journey. Some cab service providers also offer package tours where customers get to choose the destinations according to their preference and opt for a return journey too. The entire trip then lasts for over three days (one-way), but then they would have explored more than just one place by the end of the journey. Clear Car Rental and Hire Me Car are some of the online cab service provider choices.  
Route Options
Route 1: The AH 47 Route

Approximate Distance and Duration: 1510 kilometres, 47 hours approximately (non-stop)
NH 48/ Eastern Express Highway – NH 160/ AH 47/ Mumbai Nashik Highway – Kasara Ghat Road – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Uddan Pul – Mumbai Agra Road – AH 47/ NH 52 – Thikri Bypass Road – SH 31/ SH 38 – Dewad Bypass Road – Guna Bypass Road – Gwalior Bypass Road – A B Road/ AH 47/ NH 46 – Shivpuri Road/ Agra Mumbai Road – AH 43/ NH 44 – Gwalior Road – Mall Road – Baluganj Chowraha – Chilghar Chowraha – Agra Fort Railway Station Road – SH 39 – SH 62/ Yamuna Kinara Road – Strand Road – Agra Hathras Road – NH 509 – Ram Ghat Road – NH 509/ Quarsi Bypass/ Etah Bypass/ Aligarh Bypass – Aligarh Anoopsar Road – Babrala Rajpura Kesarpur Village road – Sambhal Anup Shahar Road – Adampur Road – MDR 54 – MDR 69W/ Moradabad Sambhal Bahjoi Road – MBD Bypass – Surya Vansh Golf Link/ NH 9 – SH 41 – MDR 65W – MDR 49W/ SH 13. Nainital is about 18 kilometres ahead.

Route 2: The NH 48 Route

Approximate Distance and Duration: 1725 kilometres, 50 hours approximately (non-stop)
Bandra Worli Sea Link – Western Express Highway – Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway/ Kalanagar Flyover – NH 48 – Mumbai Ahmedabad Service Road/ Dumad Chowkadi – NE 1/ Ahmedabad Vadodara Express Highway – NH 47/ NH 48/ Odhav Circle/ Sardar Patel Ring Road – SH 41/ SH 130 – NH 27 – NH 62 – NH 162 – NH 14 – NH 125 – Beawar Bypass – Udaipur Road/ NH 58 – NH 448/ Ajmer Bypass – NH 48/ NH 21 – NH 48/ NH 248 – NH 919 – NH 48/ Delhi Jaipur Highway – Rav Tula Ram Marg – Outer Ring Road – Ring Road – Bhikaji Cama Place Flyover - Safdarjung Flyover – AIIMS Flyover – South Extension Flyover – Moolchand Underpass – Srinivaspuri Flyover – Ashram Flyover – NH 44/ AH 1 – Gurjar Samrat Mihirbhoj Road/ AH 2 – Nizamuddin Bridge – NH 9 – Surya Vansh Golf Link Road – SH 41 – MDR 65W – MDR 49W/ SH 13. The hill station is about 18 kilometres ahead of MDR 49W.

Route 3: The AH 47 – NH 719 Route

Approximate Distance and Duration: 1580 kilometres, 47 hours approximately (non-stop)
NH 48/ Eastern Express Highway – AH 47/ NH 160/ Mumbai Nashik Highway – Kasara Ghat Road – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Flyover – NH 60/ SH 30 – Mumbai Agra Road – Malegaon Bypass – AH 47/ SH 52 – Thikri Bypass Road – SH 38/ SH 31/ NH 52 – Dewas Bypass – A B Road – Guna Bypass – Gwalior Bypass marg – Agra Mumbai Road – Shivpuri link road – Jhansi Road – NH 44 – Etawah Bypass/ Southern Bypass/ NH 719 – AH 1/ NH 19 – NH 234/ SH 29 – G T Road/ NH 34/ SH 29/ Farrukhabad Road – SH 29A – MDR 5W – NH 30 – NH 530/ Bareilly Bypass – Rampur Road – Milak Bypass – MDR 49W/ Rampur Road – MDR 65W. Nainital is about 23.8 kilometres ahead.
Road Conditions
Most of the stretch is decent, but there are specific patches where the roads are weathered. These are mainly the parts that go through villages in Rajasthan. They are narrow tar roads with no markings and can barely accommodate a two lane traffic. The locals living nearby are often seen commuting on their bullock carts, so it is recommended to cautiously drive. These internal roads can help avoid traffic (if any) on the main highways but driving only during daylight is advised. Also, the national highways have several toll booths. The stretch that goes through Gujarat, in particular, has a lot of them (about 18/ 20) at small intervals.

Duration of the Journey: About 50 hours without an overnight stay.
Approximate Cost
The cost of a one-way journey from Mumbai to Nainital depends on the type of car one rents. A Hatchback or a sedan that accommodates four passengers and a driver would cost somewhere around INR 35,000/- while a sports utility vehicle would cost between INR 46,000/- and INR 62,000/-. Premium rides are priced on the higher side, INR 90,000/- to INR 3,50,000/- approximately depending on the vehicle. These rates are only for the ride. Additional expenses like driver’s charges or other charges for his overnight stays are not included.
Eating Options on the Way
As travellers drive through different states, they get a chance to taste some delicious Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Marwadi, Rajasthani, North Indian and Uttarakhandi cuisine. Although most restaurants serve other cuisines, travellers must taste the local food. Some of the most recommended places to eat are Glass House, Snack Charmers, Modi Restaurant, Hasmukh Nashta, Indian Restaurant, Garden Retreat, Heritage Bal Samand Lake Palace, Zaika, Balaji, The Chatter House, The Flying Saucer Café, Berco’s Chinese and Thai Restaurant, Old Famous Jalebi Wala, Pinch of Spice, several bhojnalays, several outlets of Domino’s Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Café coffee day, Pinch of Spice, Bikaner Wala, Tea Boutique, Tease me Rooftop, Yo China, Food Factory etc.
Possible Stopovers
  • Surat
  • Daman
  • Ahmedabad
  • Vadodara
  • Jodhpur
  • Jaipur
  • Ajmer
  • New Delhi
  • Gwalior
  • Kanpur
  • Jhansi
  • Nasik

4. Mumbai to Nainital - Via Bus

A bus ride to the Nainital from Mumbai can be the most exhausting journey one can have because it takes anything between 35 to 42 hours to travel the distance of 1700 kilometres. Nonetheless, for travellers who would want to take a bus ride, there is no direct way to reach Nainital from Mumbai. The best way is to reach Bhilwara from Mumbai then board another bus heading to Haridwar because there are no direct buses from Bhilwara either. From Haridwar, travellers would have to hire a cab to cover a distance of 186 kilometres to reach Nainital. It is better to stay overnight at every location or even to stay for a few days exploring the destination. Tickets for every destination are available at the ticket counters and online too. Travellers can choose the operators that provide the most comfort because the journey is a long one.
Type of Buses Available
All the buses that ply between the destinations till Haridwar are private operators. Travellers can choose between non A/C and A/C Seater or Sleeper buses. Some of them provide amenities like Wi-Fi, blankets, night light, water bottles, charging points and live tracking. Travellers can choose from J J Travels, Shrinath Travel Agency Pvt Ltd. Raj Laxmi Travels, New Kothari Travels, Gujarat Travels that depart from Mumbai and between Raj Laxmi Travels, Ashok Tour and Travels, and Ashok Travels Regd leave from Bhilwara and head to Haridwar.

Starting Points
Mumbai – The bus operators have barding points located all across the city.

Drop Points
  • Bhilwara
  • Haridwar
Route Taken
The routes that lead to Bhilwara from Mumbai go via NH 48 - NH 56, NH 48 – NH 59 or AH 47 – NH 156. Then to reach Haridwar from Bhilwara, the buses take the NH 334 – NH 48 route. 
Bus Timings 
1) Falcon Bus (Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 10:45 AM IST
Arrival – 09:00 AM IST
Duration: 10 hours 30 minutes
Fare: INR 1200/-

2) Gujarat Travels (A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 09:10 PM IST
Arrival – 05:00 PM IST
Duration: 19 hours 50 minutes
Fare: INR 1800/-

3) Vishwakarma Tours and Travels (Non A/C Seater and Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 02:00 PM IST
Arrival – 07:45 PM IST
Duration: 17 hours 45 minutes
Fare: INR 600/-

4) J J Travels (Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 01:00 PM IST
Arrival – 06:30 AM IST
Duration: 17 hours 30 minutes
Fare: INR 2400/-

5) Raj Laxmi Travels (A/C Seater and A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 11:16 AM IST
Arrival – 08:51 PM IST
Duration: 21 hours 35 minutes
Fare: INR 850/-

6) New Kothari Travels (Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 09:45 AM IST
Arrival – 08:00 AM IST
Duration: 22 hours 15 minutes
Fare: INR 1200/-

7) Shrinath Travel Agency (Non A/C Seater and Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 04:30 PM IST
Arrival – 12:00 AM IST
Duration: 19 hours 30 minutes
Fare: INR 900/-

Bus Timings from Bhilwara to Haridwar

1) Ashok Tour and Travels (Non A/C Seater and Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 04:30 PM IST
Arrival – 10:30 AM IST
Duration: 18 hours
Fare: INR 550/-

2) Raj Laxmi Travels (Non A/C Sleeper)

Departure – 05:00 PM IST
Arrival – 10:55 AM IST
Duration: 18 hours
Fare: INR 700/-

Duration of the Journey: 36 to 42 hours approximately
A non A/C Seater and a non A/C Sleeper ticket usually costs between INR 500/- and INR 2400/- while an A/C Seater and an A/C Sleeper ticket would charge between INR 800/- to INR 1800/-. The fare depends a lot on the bus operator and the amenities they provide to their passengers.
Typical Stop Points
  • Daman
  • Surat
  • Vadodara
  • Ajmer
  • Jaipur
  • New Delhi
  • Muzaffarnagar

Popular Routes to Nainital

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Nainital 7 hours 377 km
Kolkata to Nainital 1 day 0 hours 1,398 km
Mumbai to Nainital 1 day 4 hours 1,688 km
Hyderabad to Nainital 1 day 4 hours 1,684 km
Agra to Nainital 8 hours 0 mins 351 km
Jaipur to Nainital 10 hours 24 mins 554 km

Popular Routes from Mumbai

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Mumbai to Goa 9 hours 49 mins 583 km
Mumbai to Coorg 17 hours 3 mins 1,026 km
Mumbai to Lonavala 1 hour 35 mins 84 km
Mumbai to Panchgani 4 hours 13 mins 242 km
Mumbai to Pondicherry 19 hours 51 mins 1,298 km
Mumbai to Shirdi 4 hours 17 mins 241 km

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