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Futala lake, Nagpur Overview

The city of Nagpur boasts of being home to eleven magnificent and scenic lakes, and the Futala Lake is one them. Also known as the Telankhedi Lake, it is located in the western part of Nagpur, about 6 kilometres away from the city centre, and is believed to be more than 200 years old. The Futala Lake was built by Raja Bhosle and is spread over 60 acres. The lake is well known not only in Nagpur but also all across the state of Maharashtra for its charming atmosphere and beauty. Perhaps the best attraction at this lake is the coloured fountains, which when lit up, are a sight to behold, and are enjoyed by people of all age groups.

The breathtaking Futala Lake is surrounded by lush green forests on its three sides, and a well landscaped Chowpatty on the other. All of these add to the beauty of the lake and attract visitors from all across the country to visit it and enjoy some peaceful moments in the lap of nature, away from the dirt and dust of the daily life. The delicious food that is served by the restaurants in the vicinity of the lake is a bonus, and so is the convenient location of the lake. This is precisely why the Futala Lake has turned to a favourite picnic spot for the locals and is visited by numerous people each day.

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Futala lake
Futala lake

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What Will You Find At Futala Lake

The Futala Lake is a breathtaking area and is a beautiful place to be at. The lake is enclosed by guard walls on all its sides and is encircled by a newly constructed pathway with granite stone paving. The path has been beautified with decorative lamps, benches and garden bays. A small garden can also be found in the same area and is of particular interest to the kids. Two coloured fountains that are 15 feet high, and one fountain which is 100 feet tall, are also popular attractions in the area. Not only this, the southern side of the lake has an immersion ghat, where people can enjoy a bath in the cold waters of the lagoon.

Things To Do At Futala Lake

The Futala Lake is renowned for being one of the best places to visit while in Nagpur, and the location surely deserves this title. The calm and quiet environs make it an ideal place to relax after a stressful day, and the views that one can enjoy from here are exceptional, elegant and glorious.

The horse carriage ride that visitors can enjoy here is an added advantage, and kids especially look forward to enjoying these rides. The lake is also well known for its coloured fountains, and it looks absolutely gorgeous in the evenings when it's lit up with halogen lights.

One can also find numerous vendors in the vicinity, who serve lip-smacking local snacks. The restaurants that are located on the banks of the lake are also a good option to explore, and people usually head to these restaurants for dinner after spending some enjoyable time with their loved ones.

History of Futala Lake

The Futala Lake has been around for the past 200 years and was originally used as a water reservoir, which was built by Raja Bhosle. The lake, sadly, could not stand the ravages of time initially, and lost its original charm and appeal with the passing time. A few years ago, NIT undertook significant efforts, with aid from the Indian government, to refurbish the lake and bring it back to its previous grandeur.

Best Time To Visit Futala lake

The best time to visit Futala Lake is from October to March. The weather is the most pleasant in these months, and it is the ideal time for sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities.

How To Reach Futala lake

The Futala Lake is situated in the western part of Nagpur, quite close to the Amravati Road. You can reach the lake by hiring a cab from all parts of the city, or by using public transport such as buses. Auto rickshaws are another convenient and safe option to reach the final destination.

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