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You have basked in the glory of the Deekshabhoomi, enjoyed a mesmerising sunset at Futala lake, gawked at the architectural grandeur of the Swaminarayan Temple and relished a plate of the delicious Saoji Chicken. And if you're looking for souvenirs then don't worry, we've got you covered.

Anybody will tell you that Nagpur is world famous for its oranges, but that's not it. Nagpur packs in a whole lot of variety in the array of products it has to offer. 
Here is an exhaustive list of stuff that could find a way into your suitcases this time:

1. Nagpur Oranges 

It's raining mandarin! You knew about this even before you set foot here. A scent of citrus filled aroma fills the city air and that's when you are sure that you indeed are in the 'Orange City'. Registered with their very own Geographical Indication, Nagpur oranges are packed with Vitamin C and are highly nutritious. They have a rustic, tangy taste and are distinguishable by pockmarks on their outer skin. The Nagpur oranges blossom during the Monsoon season and are ready to be harvested from December. The sweeter oranges are available from January.
Where to buy: Available in stores across Nagpur. Find the best in the Cotton Market area. You can even take a trip to Orange Orchards if you wish to learn how the orange is farmed.
Nagpur Oranges, Shopping in Nagpur

2. Haldiram Sweets

Did you know that this uber-famous chain of namkeen delicacies and sweets found in every nook and corner of the country is based out of Nagpur? You tried Nagpur oranges. Now it's time to savour the Orange barfi, a very famous Haldiram sweet - the freshest you will ever find!
Where to buy: Found in Haldiram restaurants and shops across the city.
haldirams sweets, shopping in nagpur

3. Orange Products

What fun is it if you carry the solitary orange? You must not leave without packing in some of the best quality orange products like jams, jellies, marmalades and fruit squash.

4. Handicrafts

Starting from the Kolhapur-famous Bidri ware to cotton sarees and cholis, Nagpur has it all. Bidri ware is a type of metal handicraft from Bidar which serves as excellent gift items. Silk border cotton dhotis are also a big hit here. Put on that bargaining hat because you're going to need it.
Where to buy: Sitabuldi Main Road
Handicrafts, shopping in nagpur

5. Antique Currency

For all the coin collectors, this is fantastic news. From coins dating back to the era of Chandragupta Maurya to the British times to old film posters, this is a haven for any antique hoarder. All kinds of coins and notes are preserved in top-notch condition and are available for genuine rates. 
Where to buy: Numismatic Art Gallery by 20th-century coins

Famous Markets in Nagpur

1. Sitabuldi Main Road

This is the talk of the town. A pulsating and lively street shopping area, Sitabuldi is an age-old market especially famous for the plethora of items it has to offer. If you can excuse the parking troubles, you can treat yourself here to the thrills of a pure street shopper's high. The Sunday market especially is a steal deal. Also, if you're a gadget lover, do not miss the large electronic market on the hind side of Sitabuldi.
What to buy: Goodies ranging from authentic fabrics to sarees and halter-neck cholis, bags, Kolhapuri and other footwear
Sitabuldi Main Road, Shopping in Nagpur

2. Dharampeth Shopping Street

This market is for all your jewellery junkies. It attracts the elite crowd of the city featuring some of the biggest jewellery showrooms stretching from Shankar Nagar to the main road. TBZ, Batukbhai, Kothari and Dass are some names with king-sized establishments here.
What to buy: Jewellery
Dharampeth Shopping Street, shopping in nagpur

3. Cotton Market

The Cotton market is the hub for procuring vegetables and fruits at wholesale prices. Also known as the Phule market, it remains open from 4 am in the morning till late in the evening. Some of the traders have now shifted to Kalamna market on the city's outskirts.
What to buy: Fruits
Cotton Market, Shopping in Nagpur

4. Sadar Bazaar

Here is a fact that is sure to blow your mind: Sadar is said to be at the centre of India - a distinction that was awarded by the Britishers. This particular market is not a sprawling space of shops and showrooms, but it still occupies a special place in the hearts of all true shopaholics. 
What to buy: Books, electronics
Sadar Bazaar, Shopping in Nagpur

5. Mahal-Itwari Market

Like an old gimmick that still works like a charm, Itwari or Sarafa Bazaar, as they like to call it, retains an aura of ethnicity among shoppers when it comes to shopping for festivities.You are also sure to find eateries that sell lip-smacking evening snacks and freshly baked items. Yum!
What to buy: Best if you are looking for large amounts of cloth material at wholesale prices. Also a fabulous source of groceries, it is also known for its Kirana Oil, incense sticks and dry fruits.
Mahal-Itwari Market, Shopping in Nagpur

6. Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar in Nagpur located in New Itwari Road is a paradise for street shopping lovers. It has the largest cluster for jewellery shops. Women can head there and pick some trendy accessories and modern jewellery. There are a lot of clothing and saree showrooms. Kirana Oli is a popular store for dry fruits and a source for groceries. The popular bakery, Shreemaya Celebrations is another outlet in Nagpur known for its pastries and cakes. There are many caf├ęs, restaurants and food joints in the bazaar and the many are still coming up. Book lovers can also find some book stores where you can get both used and new books. Other than that, there are shoe shops and bag shops. All in all, there are every kind of shops and stores for every need.
What to buy: Dry fruits, jewellery, bakery items
Tip: Carry cash as most stores won't accept cards.

Shopping Malls in Nagpur

And for all, you modern-day shoppers with a more relaxed budget, the city's malls welcome you with open hands. Housing Indian and International brands, here are a few shopping malls in Nagpur:

7. Empress City Mall

Lining many popular Indian and International brands, Empress City Mall is where you can shop your heart out. Some of the most famous brand outlets are Fabindia, Bossini, Catwalk and Global Desi. After shopping, you can go for some entertainment in the entertainment centre. The mall hosts many events all year round. There is a food court too, with many small food outlets.

8. Eternity Mall

A mall with fine architecture and innovative look, Eternity Mall is for serious shopaholics. There are a variety of shops for apparels, shoes and bags. You can spend an entire day just exploring the shops because there are many. You can have a family movie day, at the multiplex in the mall. For a wholesome shopping experience, Eternity Mall is a must-go.

9. Poonam Mall

Poonam Mall in Wardhaman Nagar is the first Mall in Nagpur to start three screens in the multiplex, INOX. Being the first mall and multiplex in the city of Nagpur, it has a lot of popularity. Located in the eastern part of the town, it is accessible from almost all prime residential areas. There are multi-cuisine restaurants, entertainment zone and sports centre which make it a fun-filled day for you and your friends.

10. Central Mall

The popularity of Central Mall is known far and wide in India. There is a branch of this branded chain mall in Nagpur too. The Nagpur branch of Central Mall is a hub for the fashionistas who love to collect the in-trend attires. From modern home decor to electronics, Central keeps all pleased. Besides, the mall has reasonable pricing for the apparel collection and won't leave a hole in your pocket. After a hectic day of shopping, you can head to the food court to have some delicious food.

11. Millennium Mall

Millennium Mall is the place you should go if you wish to buy some good perfumes, gifts and jewellery. The mall is always crowded with the youth of Nagpur, looking for the latest apparels, footwear and jewellery. The food court in the mall is a reasonably priced place to have lunch or snacks. The awesome chaat served in there keeps you coming back.6. Popular Malls in the City And for all, you modern-day shoppers with a more relaxed budget, the city's malls welcome you with open hands. Housing Indian and International brands, Empress City Mall in Cotton Market, Eternity Mall in Sitabuldi, Poonam Mall in Wardhaman Nagar and Jaswant Mall on Indora Square give some multiplex hours to relax, coupled with series of stores, entertainment zones and food courts. Others like Central Mall and Landmark are also hit shopping hangouts.
What to buy: Branded items & merchandise 
Remember that friend who told you that Nagpur has nothing else to offer except oranges? It's time to prove them wrong. It seems like you are in for a whole day of souvenir-collecting! Better gear up well and stash plenty of cash up your wallets because some of these markets might not accept cards. Happy shopping (and bargaining)!

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