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Entry Fee : INR 10 - INR 40

Raman Science Centre, Nagpur Overview

The Raman Science Centre is an interactive science centre located in Nagpur that is affiliated with Mumbai’s Nehru Science Centre and was developed with the objective of promoting a scientific attitude amongst the masses. The centre was established on 7 March in 1992, following which the planetarium was made functional on 5 January 1997. Various science exhibitions are carried out in the centre which show the growth of science and technology and the application of this science in human welfare and industries. The centre got its name from the famous winner of the Nobel Prize, the Indian physicist Mr Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. The centre thereby supports a scientific bent of mind and attitude.

Even though the unique purpose of the science centre plays a vital role in helping it to get attention and visitors throughout the year, the facilities offered by it are what keeps that attention going and make it stay. Some services provided at the Raman Science Centre include a gallery showcasing Information & Technology, inventions and innovations by people from all over, an exhibition called fun science giving a practical insight into the scientific principles and a beautiful and large science park which is spread over 6 acres of land.

A pre-historic animal park, 3D shows, planetarium, science demonstration lectures as well as sky observation programs are some of the other exciting and intriguing activities which are undertaken by Raman Science Centre. This range of unusual and engaging activities and attractions ensure that the place is loved by adults and children alike and that a visit to the centre is on the top of the list of things to do while in Nagpur.

Photos of Raman Science Centre

Raman Science Centre
Raman Science Centre

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Galleries at Raman Science Centre

There are several exhibition galleries that the Raman Science Centre houses. These include the Invention Gallery, Fun Science I and II galleries and Information and Communication galleries. The Invention gallery provides vital erudition about various inventions in the field of travel and communication technology, science and technology, mechanical systems, etc. It houses about 45 interactive exhibits that are designed to explain the fundamental scientific principles involved in the process of inventing new things. This unique gallery presents exhibitions in a vibrant and easily understandable manner.

The Fun Science I and II gallery comprises of 80 participatory exhibits and offers the students and other visitors an experience to study numerous scientific laws and principles. Main attractions here include the Floor piano, Visible effect of Invisible, Giant Soap Bubble, Spiral Musical Tubes, Mirror Maze, and Positive shadow, Resonance etc.

The Information and Communication Gallery exhibits the cave paintings that belong to the early civilisation to the modern world of the internet. It also houses other features such as a Digital Corridor, Global Positioning System, Virtual Reality, communication satellites, optical fibres, mobile handsets, computers, Computer Topography machine etc.

Activities at Raman Science Centre

A myriad of programs and activities are undertaken at the Raman Science Centre to spread awareness about science and technology amongst the general public. The centre currently boasts of three different interactive galleries, which includes a 133-seat planetarium, a prehistoric animal park, fun science and numerous other activities. The centre also regularly conducts science lectures, science film shows and three-dimensional science shows.

Planet watching and other activities related to celestial phenomena also take place here from time to time. The centre also consists of a vast library with books comprising of engaging experiences from the field of science. Other than these, the centre provides opportunities to students who excel in the field of science. In collaboration with the local NGO Hirwai, it awards the Green Finger Award to create awareness among the school going children.

Raman Science Centre Theatre

The Raman Science Centre came up with the innovative idea of a 3D theatre, which was made functional from 21 March 2015 onwards. Different shows and movies are presented in the 3D form in the theatre. The theatre comprises of 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound System with a new film with the title Panda Vision. These movies are a wonderful way to make kids develop a knowledge base with their own will.

The show timings of the screenings at the theatre are as follows-
12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM.
The ticket charged per student is INR 20.

Ticket prices for various areas of the Raman Science Centre

Science Centre
General Public: INR 20,
Students: INR 10

General Public: INR 40,
Students: INR 20

3D Theatre
General Public: INR 20,
Students: INR 10

Tips For Visiting Raman Science Centre

1. Avoid visiting the science centre during weekends or the holiday season, since it gets crowded at that time.
2. Make sure that you carry your water bottle along.

How To Reach Raman Science Centre

Raman Science Centre is very well connected by all roads of Nagpur and can be easily reached by hiring a cab or any other means of public transport. It is also well known to the general public and thereby poses no problem in reaching. It is situated at a distance of 1 km from the from the city centre.

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