Commonly associated with its delectable juicy varieties of oranges, Nagpur is also the winter capital of Maharashtra. With temples, lush green gardens, lakes and connectivity with main cities along w (Read More)ith the rich cultural heritage enchant its visitors. Located at the geographical centre of India, Nagpur has plateaus, flat tablelands with rivers and streams flowing through it. Nagpur, also known as the 'Orange city' of India because of the juiciest varieties of oranges found here.

Here is the list of 24 Things to Do in Nagpur

1. Explore Dhamma Chakra Stupa

Explore Dhamma Chakra Stupa
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Also known as Deeksha Bhumi, the stupa is a marvellous architectural body and can accommodate more than 5,000 people. It is built out of Dhaulpur sandstone, marbles & granites and is 120 feet tall.

2. Watch the Coloured Fountains at Futala lake

Watch the Coloured Fountains at Futala lake
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The Futala Lake was built by Raja Bhosle and is spread over 60 acres. The lake is well known not only in Nagpur but also across Maharashtra for its charming atmosphere and beauty. Perhaps the best attraction at this lake is the coloured fountains, which, when lit up, are a sight to behold.

3. Center Point of the Country - Zero Mile Marker

Center Point of the Country - Zero Mile Marker

Zero Mile Marker is a monument built by the British for the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India. The monument has a pillar, a small stone representing the zero mile mark and four stucco horses. However, there is no evidence that the monument is the geographical centre of India.

4. Take a Boat Ride at Ambazari Lake

Take a Boat Ride at Ambazari Lake
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Located on the southwest border of Nagpur in Maharashtra in India, the Ambazari Lake is one of the eleven lakes and the largest one that the city of Nagpur houses. Boating facilities in rowboats, as well as self-driven paddleboats, are also available to  visitors.

5. Must-try Street Food of Nagpur

Must-try Street Food of Nagpur

Even though Nagpur is not popular for its street food, there are some must-try local delicacies like poha, saoji, patodi, Nagpuri samosa, etc. The food of Nagpur mostly renders an assortment of spicy dishes. It has some great dishes which might not be exquisite but their taste.

6. Tour the Orange Orchards

Tour the Orange Orchards

A scent of citrus filled aroma fills the city air and that's when you are sure that you indeed are in the 'Orange City'. Registered with their very own Geographical Indication, Nagpur oranges are packed with Vitamin C and are highly nutritious. They have a rustic, tangy taste and are distinguishable by pockmarks on their outer skin.

7. Gallery at Raman Science Centre

Gallery at Raman Science Centre
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The Raman Science Centre is an interactive science centre located in Nagpur affiliated with Mumbai’s Nehru Science Centre and was developed to promote a scientific attitude amongst the masses. The centre was established on 7 March 1992, following which the planetarium was made functional on 5 January 1997.

8. Ramtek Fort Temple

Ramtek Fort Temple
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Away from the city crowd, situated inside a fort on a hilltop, this temple is a source of rich mythological history. It is believed that Lord Rama took rest in this temple before leaving to conquer Lanka therefore making Lord Rama the main deity to be worshipped here.

9. Watch Nature Closely at Khekranala

Watch Nature Closely at Khekranala

Renowned as an ideal trekking destination, Khrekanala is situated at a distance of about 60 kms from the city of Nagpur. A perfect spot to enjoy nature, Khekranala has a beautiful dam on a picturesque blue lake and a wide variety of fauna. This place is also famous for various water sporting activities.

10. Visit the Lightened up Deeksha Bhoomi

Visit the Lightened up Deeksha Bhoomi

Deekshabhoomi Stupa is a sacred monument of Buddhism situated at the spot where B. R. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism. It is a popular place of Buddhism pilgrimage. Most pilgrims visit either during the Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din ("Mass Conversion Ceremony Day") or on 14th October which signifies the day of Ambedkarês conversion.

11. Water Sports at Khindsi Lake

Water Sports at Khindsi Lake
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40 km away from the main city, this beautiful lake is a very popular tourist destination given its natural beauty and water sports it hosts. There are a few accommodation options here too.

12. Take a Stroll in the Maharaj Bagh and Zoo

Take a Stroll in the Maharaj Bagh and Zoo
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Built by the Bhonsle kings, the enticing park was later renovated into a botanical garden and zoo which houses rare species of flora and fauna. Nature enthusiast will most definitely love this place.

13. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple

Swaminarayan Temple or Akshardham Temple is located on the Ring Road in Nagpur. The newly constructed temple is facilitated with a huge kitchen, parking, a restaurant and a kid's play area. It is advised to visit the temple after 4 in the evening owing to its impressive lighting and decor.

14. Camping in Waki Woods

Camping in Waki Woods

Situated at about 30 kms from Nagpur, Waki Woods is a sight to behold. The luscious greens provide many activities besides a scintillating natural landscape for a picnic day out. Life in these 'woods' is a perfect mix of modernity and nature.

15. Beautiful Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden

Beautiful Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden
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An amphitheater accommodating 2,500 people in its sprawling and enormous spread-out, the place is true to its name. This place is filled with musical fountains, soothing tunes and music all played out by the musicians. This garden soothes the soul of every visitor.

16. Trek to Seminary Hill

Trek to Seminary Hill

Seminary Hill is an important tourist attraction in the city of Nagpur. The hills have a well-marked trail for treks and walking purposes. The hilltop also is home to several temples, including the famous Hanuman Temple. It also has nearby touristy places like the Botanical Garden, St. Charles Seminaru etc.

17. Amba Khori Waterfall

Amba Khori Waterfall

Situated close to the banks of River Pench, this location is nothing short of an exotic foreign location. Sitting in the lap of Mother Nature, Amba Khori has more than just a waterfall to attract. The mesmerizing Totladoh Lake Dam said to resemble the teary eyes of Kalidasa's renowned heroine, Shakuntala, is a sight to behold.

18. Narrow Gauge Rail Museum

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum is a unique museum in Kamptee Road, Nagpur. The museum has models and lookalikes of locomotives, trains, steam engines and the like. Spread over several galleries, the repository was inaugurated by Nitish Kumar in 2002.

19. Sunrise at Lake Garden Sakkardara

 Sunrise at Lake Garden Sakkardara
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Flanked by Lake Sakkardara, Lake Garden is a beautiful urban garden in Sakkardara that is spread over a vast expanse of lush green grass. Lake Garden is considered the perfect place to escape the city's din and chaos, relax, and unwind; it is known for its scintillating beauty and gorgeous gardens.

20. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a rich biodiversity park located near Nagpur in Maharashtra. The park boasts a vast variety of flora and fauna and houses exotic species of animals, birds and plants. The park also has a cottage to accommodate the visiting guests, which is a unique experience.

21. Beautiful Mosque at Bohra Masjid

Beautiful Mosque at Bohra Masjid
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Mostly worshipped by the Dawoodi Bohra community of Nagpur, the architecturally beautiful mosque is mainly used for community gatherings and weddings.

22. Stop by Ramtek

Stop by Ramtek

Ramtek is situated around 50 kms from Nagpur and is believed to have been the place where Lord Rama stayed during his exile. Besides the historical and architectural significance, the place is a popular place for a day trip from Nagpur.

23. Shop the Famous Products of Nagpur

Shop the Famous Products of Nagpur

If you're looking for souvenirs, don't worry; we've covered you. Buy orange products, handicrafts, and Haldiram sweets.

24. Malls in Nagpur

Malls in Nagpur

Nagpur is a developing city in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is famous for its orange cultivation and is thus called the ‘Orange City of India’.  In 2004, Nagpur won the title of the most rapidly growing city in India. The fast-growing economy of Nagpur has given rise to the concept of mall culture here.

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