Food of Naggar

The cuisine in Naggar isn't exactly elaborate and your options can get a bit limited. You would find small eating joints here serving Himachali and North Indian cuisine. For more variety, one can travel to more popular towns nearby.
Himachali cuisine is very simple in structure, but does have some unique delicacies, that are almost exclusive to the state. A staple meal will consist of Chapati, dals, vegetable gravy and curd. The traditional delicacies here include Sidu, Bhature, Patrodu, Vada, Sattu, Kodra Roti, Jatu (Red rice) and more.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Naggar:


INR 700 For Two
Castle Road, Naggar
This place has a view of the snow capped mountains which is simply amazing. The food out here is good and makes for a nice experience. A must visit when around here.

Alliance Guest House

INR 60-600
Naggar Castle Rd,Naggar,Himachal Pradesh,175130
Alliance Guest House
A hearty option for dining, the Alliance Guest House serves some of the most scrumptious Banana Chocolate Pancakes, and Chicken Cheese Sandwiches. A must visit if in Naggar.

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