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Local transport in My Tho

Most of the city is covered with water and marshy ground. As a result, people do not use heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and cars. Having said that, there is a bus stand drops tourists to My Tho and a railway line from Saigon till the city. From there, commuting within the city is mostly on foot or on a boat. Most places are within walking distance and as for the floating market, there are numerous boats that keep strolling around the area so visitors can easily hop onto one. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people who use bikes or bicycles either so if visitors wish to rent them, they could find out from locals. 

My Tho Photos

My Tho
My Tho City - Founded in1680s by Chinese Refugees
My Tho River - Flows For 45.3 kilometres
Boa Dinh River - Situated on East Side of My Tho

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