Delhi to Munnar

   Delhi to Munnar Road Distance 2,641 km
   Delhi to Munnar Aerial Distance 2,066 km
  Delhi to Munnar Travel Time 1 day 16 hours

How to reach Munnar from Delhi

The Preferred Way of Travelling fom Delhi to Munnar

Since the road distance is too tedious between these two different states and portions of the country, the most preferred way to travel from Delhi to Munnar is by flight or train.

Knowing The Details

1. Delhi to Munnar - Via Cochin
2. Delhi to Munnar - Via Madurai
3. Delhi to Munnar - Via Bangalore
4. Popular Routes to Munnar
5. Popular Routes from Delhi
6. Places to Visit in Munnar
7. Hotels in Munnar

1. Delhi to Munnar - Via Cochin

Delhi to Cochin - Via Flight

The nearest airport, Cochin Airport (COK) is 110 km away from Munnar. There is efficient air connectivity between Delhi and Cochin with multiple non-stop and connecting flights flying daily. The aerial distance between Delhi and Cochin is 2082 km, and a direct flight takes around 2 hours 50 minutes to arrive at Cochin Airport (COK). Taking a flight from Delhi to Cochin is the most comfortable and most convenient mode of transport available for this route. 

Preferable Local Transport from Cochin Airport 
You can board a local bus from the airport or book a taxi from the prepaid taxi counter. 

Delhi to Cochin - Via Train

Both the cities, Delhi and Cochin, enjoy proper rail connectivity with 12 direct trains serving on the route. The rail distance between Delhi and Cochin is 2650 km, which approximately takes between 37 hours and 45 hours. The long duration of the journey makes the train travel between the cities highly inconvenient and tiring. However, it is an economical alternative to flying. 

Train Options Available

1. Trivandrum Rajdhani

The train begins its journey from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station (NZM) and makes a stop at Ernakulam Junction (ERS). 

Timing: Departure - 10:55, Arrival - 00:50, Operates on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Duration of the journey: 37 hours 55 minutes
3 AC - INR 4240
2 AC - INR 4900
1st AC - INR 7500

2. Kerala S Kranti
The train starts from New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) and arrives at Ernakulam Junction (ERS) on the 3rd day. 

Timing: Departure - 14:00, Arrival - 10:20, Operates on Wednesday and Friday
Duration of the journey: 44 hours 50 minutes 
Sleeper - INR 900
3 AC - INR 2340
2 AC - INR 3480
1st AC - INR 6045

Preferable Local Transport Available from the Station
The preferred local transport available from the Ernakulam Junction is a taxi. Alternatively, you can board a local bus and get on an auto-rickshaw to get around the city. 

Cochin To Munnar - Via Taxi/Cab

While there are state transport buses (KSRTC) running from Ernakulam Bus Station to Munnar, the most comfortable way to reach Munnar from Cochin is via taxi. There are multiple local taxi operators like Munnar Taxi Service and online cab booking services like Ola, Savaari, and Gozocabs that offer services on this route. 
Route Options
Road Conditions
The route from Cochin to Munnar runs along NH 85 that is generally in good condition. The road leading to Munnar, however, is full of sharp bends. 

Duration of the journey
Around 3 hours 45 minutes depending on traffic and the number of halts made. 
Approximate Cost
4-seater Hatchback (Indica) - INR 3851
4-seater Sedan (Etios) - INR 3989
6-seater AC Minivan (Innova) - INR 4811
Eating Options on the Way
  • Edassery's Farm Yard
  • Rasa Restaurant 
Possible Stopovers on the Way
  • Areekkal Waterfalls
  • Thattekad Bird Sanctuary 
  • Valara Waterfalls
  • Palkulammedu

2. Delhi to Munnar - Via Madurai

Delhi To Madurai - Via Flight

Madurai Airport (IXM) is connected by air with various destinations like Delhi. The aerial distance between the two cities is 2084 km. Generally, a non-stop flight from Delhi takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes to arrive at Madurai Airport. On the other hand, connecting flights between these cities can take anywhere between 5 hours to 10 hours to cover the distance. 

Preferable Public Transport Available at the Airport
Taxis and bus services operate from the airport. You can also book a cab online from Ola, Savvar or Uber. 

Delhi to Madurai - Via Train

The estimated rail distance between Delhi and Madurai is 2670 km. Six direct trains operate on this route and more than 30 trains that pass from Delhi make an intermediate stop at Madurai Junction. It typically takes more than 43 hours to reach Madurai by train, that is why it is not the most preferred mode of transport to reach Madurai from Delhi. 
Train Options Available
1. Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti
Departure - 7:10 
Arrival - 3:25
Service days - Tuesday and Thursday

Starting station in Delhi: Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) 
Drop station in Madurai: Madurai Junction (MDU)

Duration of the Journey: 44 hours and 15 minutes 
Sleeper - INR 860
3 Tier AC - INR 2245
2 Tier AC - INR 3320
1st Class AC - INR 5760

2. Thirukkural SF Express
Departure - 7:10
Arrival - 2:15
Service days - Monday and Saturday

Starting station in Delhi: Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) 
Drop station in Madurai: Madurai Junction (MDU)

Duration of the journey: 43 hours 5 minutes
Sleeper - INR 860
3 Tier AC - INR2245
2 Tier AC - INR 3320

Preferable Local Transport Available from the Madurai Station
You can take the bus, auto-rickshaw, shared cab or private taxi from the Madurai Junction. Also, you can use online cab booking services like Meru and Ola. 

Madurai To Munnar - Via Taxi

The road distance from Madurai to Munnar is 154 km. While frequent state transport buses serve this route, the most convenient way to cover the gap between these places is through a private taxi. There are plenty of quality chauffeur-driven taxi services that operate on this route. A few of the famous taxi booking sites that offer services on the Madurai to Munnar route are Gozocabs, Fasttrackcalltaxi, and Savaari. 
Route Options
Madurai-Usilampetti-Theni-Bodinayakkanur-Bodimettu-Poopara-Chinnakanal- Devikulam-Munnar
Road Conditions
The road conditions on this route are quite good. Roads near Theni and Poopara in few places are a bit narrow, and the last stretch leading to Munnar is the Western Ghat road is extremely narrow involving a steep climb. 

Duration of the journey
The estimated duration of the trip is 4 hours and 30 minutes. The travel time may increase or decrease depending on the traffic conditions and the number of stops made during the journey. 
Approximate Cost
The approximate cost for a 4-seater hatchback or sedan can be anywhere between INR 3600 to INR 4600, for a 6-seater SUV it can be INR 5200 to INR 6000. 
Eating Options on the Way
Sree Krishna Marwadi Gujarati Restaurant Pure Veg
Possible stopovers on the Way
  • Meenakshi Temple - Madurai
  • Parambikulam Tiger reserve
  • Vaigam Dam - Theni 
  • Suruli Falls - Theni 
  • Devikulam Lake - Poopara

3. Delhi to Munnar - Via Bangalore

Delhi To Bangalore - Via Flight

The aerial distance between Delhi and Bangalore is 1740 km, and the direct flights take approximately 2 hours 40 minutes to reach Bangalore. There are several popular airlines like SpiceJet, GoAir, Air India, that have multiple non-stop and connecting flights from Delhi to Bangalore. You can look up for these flights on Google Flight to make the booking. 

Preferable Local Transport from the Airport
Located 37 km away from the city centre, the preferred local transportation from Bangalore airport is a shared cab or private taxi. You can also board the local Volvo bus. 

Delhi to Bangalore - Via Train

The rail distance between Delhi and Bangalore is 2379 km, and 12 direct trains run on this route. It takes more than 33 hours to reach Bangalore by train. Though this is not the most convenient mode of transport for this route, it is an affordable alternative to flights. 
Train Options Available
1. Bangalore Rajdhani
Departure - 20:50
Arrival - 06:40
Operates on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Starting station in Delhi: Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) 
Drop station in Bangalore: Bangalore City Railway Station (SBC)

Duration of the journey: 33 hours 55 minutes
3 AC - INR 3365
2 AC - INR 4390

2. Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express
Departure - 6:45
Arrival - 19:10
Operates through the week except on Wednesday and Friday

Starting station in Delhi: Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) 
Drop station in Bangalore: Bangalore City Railway Station (SBC)

Duration of the journey: 36 hours 55 minutes
Sleeper - INR 795
3 AC - INR 2085
2 AC - INR 3070
1st Class AC - INR 4390

Bangalore To Munnar - Via Bus

Taking a bus from Bangalore is an affordable and convenient way to reach Munnar. There are six private bus operators and two state transport buses that run on this route. Though the state transport buses are more economical, for a comfortable trip it is best to board a private bus from Bangalore to Munnar. Some of the prominent private bus services serving the route are GreenLine Travel & Holidays, S.R.S Travels, K.P.N, Royal Travels and Sam Tourist. 
Types of Buses Available
  • Non AC
  • Non AC Sleeper
  • Volvo AC Sleeper
Starting Points in Bangalore
  • Anand Rao Circle
  • Madiwala
  • Silk Board
  • Hosur
Drop points in Munnar 
  • Munnar
  • Udumalpet - The journey from Udumalpet to Munnar is covered in a minibus or van. 
Routes Taken
Route 1: Bangalore-Dharmapuri-Krishnagiri-Salem-Namakkal-Karur-Dindigul-Munnar (521 km)

Route 2: Bangalore-Malavalli-Chamarajanagere-Tiruppur-Coimbatore-Munnar (458 km)

Route 3: Bangalore-Salem-Coimbatore-Pollachi-Udumalaipettai-Marayoor-Munnar (465 km, preferred) 
Bus Timings
The earliest bus from Bangalore to Munnar leaves at 04:00 pm. The last bus for this journey leaves Bangalore at 10:30 pm. 

Duration of the journey
Local buses take approximately 9 hours 30 minutes to cover the distance between Bangalore and Munnar while Volvo buses take around 8 hours 30 minutes.
The fare for a bus trip from Bangalore to Munnar can be anywhere between INR 800 and INR 1750. 
Typical Stop Points
Salem, Coimbatore, Pollachi, Udumalaipettai, Marayoor 
Road Conditions
The road on this route is well-maintained and generally in good condition. There are plenty of scenic viewpoints on this route that you can enjoy. However, the last stretch of road leading to Munnar is full of hairpin bends and curvy roads. 

Bangalore to Munnar - Via Taxi

A chauffeur-driven taxi is a reliable alternative to a bus for covering the distance between Bangalore and Munnar. You can either book a cab online from booking sites like Savaari, Clear Car Rental, Carzonrent or via outstation cab rental companies like BSR Tours & Travels, Innova Car Rental, CalCabz.
Route Options
Route 1: Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Salem - Udumalpet - Marayoor - Munnar (shortest route - 485 km)

Route 2: Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Salem - Thenni - Munnar (500 km) 
Road Conditions
For most of the journey, the road is smooth and easy to drive. The route runs along NH 44 and 48. But, irrespective of the course taken, the roads leading to Munnar can be challenging to drive on, as it involves criss-cross roads and sharp ends. 

Duration of the journey
8 hours 30 minutes, but the travel duration may vary depending on the traffic on the route taken and the weather conditions. 
Approximate Cost
A 4-seater hatchback taxi from Bangalore to Munnar can cost you INR 8947, while a 4-seater sedan and 6-seater SUV can cost you INR 8996 and INR 11,621, respectively for the same route. 
Eating Options on the Way
  • Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant
  • Aasai Dosai Saravana Bhavan 
Possible Stopovers on the Way
  • Krishnagiri Dam
  • Kurumbapatti Zoological Park - Salem
  • Thuvanam Waterfalls

Popular Routes to Munnar

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Munnar 10 hours 4 mins 584 km
Bangalore to Munnar 8 hours 47 mins 476 km
Ernakulam to Munnar 3 hours 38 mins 129 km
Alleppey to Munnar 4 hours 35 mins 176 km
Hyderabad to Munnar 16 hours 42 mins 1,044 km
Delhi to Munnar 1 day 16 hours 2,641 km

Popular Routes from Delhi

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Manali 10 hours 51 mins 537 km
Delhi to Agra 3 hours 34 mins 231 km
Delhi to Nainital 7 hours 377 km
Delhi to Shimla 6 hours 44 mins 344 km
Delhi to Chandigarh 3 hours 51 mins 245 km
Delhi to Jaipur 4 hours 53 mins 273 km