Bangalore to Munnar

   Bangalore to Munnar Road Distance 476 km
   Bangalore to Munnar Aerial Distance 326 km
  Bangalore to Munnar Travel Time 8 hours 47 mins

How to reach Munnar from Bangalore

The Preferred Way of Going from Bangalore to Munnar

The most convenient way of travelling from Bangalore to Munnar is by taking an overnight bus. This is both comfortable and cost effective. 

Knowing The Details

1. Bangalore to Munnar by Bus
2. Bangalore to Munnar by Car
3. Popular Routes to Munnar
4. Popular Routes from Bangalore
5. Places to Visit in Munnar
6. Hotels in Munnar

1. Bangalore to Munnar by Bus

Most individuals prefer to travel the distance from Bangalore to the hill station of Munnar through the bus service. This is because of the luxurious and cheap services that are offered by almost every single bus operator that ply on this route. Some of these operators include KPN Travels which has the cheapest bus tickets and provides the only buses that have non-A/C services on this route, Greenline Travels, Royal Travels, SRS Travels and STC Travels.

These buses are generally overnight buses that begin plying from 9:00 PM and have their last bus at 10:00 PM every day to reach Munnar by early next morning.
The average cost of bus travel from Bangalore to Munnar ranges from INR 800 to INR 2000.

2. Bangalore to Munnar by Car

When travelling from Bangalore to Munnar by road, you are bound to see many natural beauties such as waterfalls, lush green fields or plantations and high rising mountains and hills with the occasional wildlife. The distance between these two places is approximately 475 kilometres, which may take a while to cover but is absolutely worth it in the end. There are three routes by which you can reach Munnar from Bangalore.
The Routes That Can Be Taken
Route 1: Bangalore- Hosur- Salem- Parundurai- Dharapuram- Udumalpet- Marayoor- Munnar

If opting for this route you are bound to drive through National Highway 48 (NH48), National Highway 44 (NH44) and National Highway 83 (NH83). This route is often considered to be the best way to reach Munnar from Bangalore and has many scenic vistas such as steep waterfalls, winding roads and the famous monkeys on the sides of these roads. The Udumalpet Ghat which is less than two hours from Munnar is also included in this route which is a slightly risky road due to the hairpin bends and needs to be driven with caution. Aside from this, the road from Marayoor to Munnar is 42 kilometres stretch which is extremely narrow so it is best to drive slowly and safely on this path.

Route 2: Bangalore- Hosur- Krishnagiri- Salem- Dindigul- Theni- Munnar

The Theni route or route 2 is a route that will take you through the National Highway 44 (NH44) and complete your drive in just 10 hours. However, the reason this route is not preferred over the first one is that the roads are slightly less developed and many places in between are not recommended for night driving. Furthermore, this route includes several forest roads which should be driven on only by expert individuals who can navigate such roads.

Route 3: Bangalore- Mysore- Masinagudi- Ooty- Udumalpet- Munnar

The third and final route is the Mysore and Ooty route, which helps you plan several pit stops before actually going to Munnar. The roads you shall pass when driving through this route are National Highway 25 (NH25), National Highway 766 (NH766) and National Highway 948 (NH948). This is a long journey that will take you at least 12 hours to reach your destination. You will also pass the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a delight to look around at.

Popular Routes to Munnar

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Munnar 10 hours 4 mins 584 km
Bangalore to Munnar 8 hours 47 mins 476 km
Ernakulam to Munnar 3 hours 38 mins 129 km
Alleppey to Munnar 4 hours 35 mins 176 km
Hyderabad to Munnar 16 hours 42 mins 1,044 km
Delhi to Munnar 1 day 16 hours 2,641 km

Popular Routes from Bangalore

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Coorg 5 hours 10 mins 264 km
Bangalore to Goa 8 hours 45 mins 557 km
Bangalore to Mysore 2 h 40 min 146 km
Bangalore to Ooty 6 hours 15 mins 274 km
Bangalore to Pondicherry 6 hours 19 mins 311 km
Bangalore to Hyderabad 8 hours 10 mins 569 km