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How to Reach Milan from India

International flights are available to Milan including major airlines like Quatar Airways, Etihad and Air India.

How to reach Milan by flight

Milan has two airports - Malpensa and Linate. Malpensa is the biggest airport in the Milan area.

How to reach Milan by road

Well connected highways make driving to Milan easy. However Italian drivers tend to be a bit aggressive so tourists might find it difficult driving under such circumstances.

How to reach Milan by train

More convinient traveling to Milan by train. Most trains leave from Centrale. They connect Milan to other major European cities including Venice, Florence, Naples.

How to reach Milan by bus

Milan is easily accessible by buses.

How to reach Milan by Waterways

Water buses, Water taxis or gondolas, take your pick.

Local transport in Milan

One might rent a car or alternatively take the tram, bus or metro all of which are easily available and inexpensive. Furthermore one might go in for bike sharing or suburban rail. Although the latter covers pretty much the same areas as the metro, there are some areas that the suburban rail covers that the metro does not.

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