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Tamluk, Midnapore Overview

Tamluk city, the headquarter of the Purba Medinipur district is situated on the bank of the Rupnarayan River in the east. It is a historical city, surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in South and Subarnarekha River in the West. It was historically known as Tamralipti/Tamralipta and has got a lot in store for its visitors who would want to get a peek into the pages of history.

Tamluk has been a witness to the various invasions and migrations from the east, west and northern India. The history of this city showcases a combination of the Jain, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures in the form of political influence, trade, and travel. Tamluk has always been connected well to the Gangetic plains. The acceptance of the Aryan culture in this area can be seen as the people here worship Bheema. The history of Tamluk says that while Sanjay was describing the names of holy rivers and places to Dhritarashtra, he mentioned 'Tamralipta' and that it was the capital of Venga kingdom and a well-recognized port.

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Sightseeing in Tamluk

Some famous places which one would visit in Tamluk include Rupnarayan which is famous if one wants to go for a picnic. There is a temple dedicated to Devi Bargbhima which is known for its history. Tamluk Rajbari which is said to be the king's house is another interesting place to visit.

People who are interested in archaeology and in seeing historical remains should not miss out on the Archaeological Museum and Rakhit Bati. Greenfields is another very famous and visited picnic spot situated near the rails.

History of Tamluk

Damalipta, Tamraliptika, Tamralipi, Tamralipta, and Velakuda are the different names given to the city of Tamluk in the old Pali and Sanskrit literature. It lies on the right bank of the Rupnarayan River. It was an important port from where the Indian maritime vessels travelled to other lands. The works of Pliny and the renowned geographer Ptolemy too have mentioned this famous port with the names Taluctae and Tamalites. Other well-known Chinese pilgrims such as Hiuen Tsang, Fahien and Itsing too have visited this port city and mentioned about it in their works. Tamluk was also a religious city in addition to being a port.

As per archaeological remains, it is clear that there was a continuous settlement in the city right from the 3rd century BC. It was referred to as Tamralipta in the Mahabharata, Tamalika in the ancient documents, Tramralipta in the Puranas and the Mahabharata, Tamoluk under the British rule and Tamalitti in the foreigner's descriptions. Once a seaport, it is now buried under the river silt which is why it has numerous lakes and ponds today.

Tamluk was also mentioned in the Mahabharata while taking the names of the purest kingdoms and rivers of India by Sanjay to Dhritarashtra. Sanjay included the name Tramralipta in the list. Also known as the middle state of Kalinga, Tamluk was referred to as Bhivas in the religious texts. Tamralipti was the capital of Venga and was well-known as a port for a long time as per the Jain sources.

Best Time To Visit Tamluk

The best time to visit Tamluk, Midnapore is in the month of October extending up to February. Since it lies in West Bengal, the climate of the place is sweltering and uncomfortable during the months of April to June. July to September is the time when the area experiences hot showers thereby adding humidity to the environment.

How To Reach Tamluk

Tamluk is well connected by roads and rails. Also, it is one of the major roadway junction, and various buses originate from it. The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra which is located at a distance of 58 km from Tamluk. It lies at a distance of 47 km from Medinipur. The best way to reach Tamluk is via local transport including buses and taxis or by driving there. 

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