15 Nightclubs in Melbourne to Party the Night Away

Melbourne thrives after the sun goes down as much as it does during the day. The various nightclubs in Melbourne are a testament to the exciting nightlife the city has to offer. So get out and head to one of the spots listed below for delicious food, terrific drinks, mind-blowing music and the perfect vibe to let your hair down and dance the night away with or without friends!

Here is a list of must-visit nightclubs in Melbourne -

1. Spice Market Melbourne


Spice Market, among the most opulent nightclubs in Melbourne, is a five-star premium nightclub, bar, and lounge that provides unmatched service. It is glitzy, flashy, and situated right in Melbourne's "Paris End," where guests can expect extravagance and VIP treatment.

It has three unique areas: the Spice Market Lounge Bar, the Spice on Dining Room & Lounge (a glamorously built restaurant), and the outside terrace area with views of Bourke Street Mall and the laneways in Paris end. All three locations provide a wide selection of leisurely drinks to suit every taste, including those served in private rooms with views of Bourke Street Mall.

2. Storyville


Melbourne's fairytale-themed bar, StoryVille, offers carefully crafted beverages and a whimsically ominous atmosphere. Expect to encounter a perplexing mixture of classic children's books and adult tales scattered over the walls and some highly intriguing magical concoctions that have been expertly created. Josh Lefers, the designer of Pawn & Co, East 9th Brewing, was given free rein to use his creativity in designing the area.

As a result, Storyville is a fantasy-themed bar sweeping guests past time with its storybook design, where every element tells a tale of indulgence and mystery, creating something unique and beautiful. In addition, the design alludes to parallels from several fairy tales; for example, the entrance wall shows White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

3. The Black Rabbit


Melbourne's The Black Rabbit is a lounge bar in the New York style. They offer the ideal setting for after-work drinks or nightlife with their fantastic American bar food menu, creative cocktails, and a late-out time. The rustic appeal of this basement bar has made it one of Melbourne's best-kept secrets.

The pub pays homage to some of the owner's favourite American bars with a delightful Melbourne flare. It offers a vast selection of mouthwatering treats, such as an exotic range of spirits, expertly made creative cocktails, and a variety of the best brews from around the world, both in bottles and on tap.

4. Diesel Bar & Eatery


Diesel Bar & Eatery is a contemporary take on the classic speakeasy, where the interior design has changed drastically to become one of Melbourne's moodiest and most modern bars.

Diesel offers a cosy setting that combines elements of the past and current in the area that used to be Little Lon's red light zone. This location's distinctive atmosphere makes it unique; any event would be ideal.

5. Glamorama


A neon red signboard in bold capitals points to the entrance on Brunswick Street. As you ascend the stairs, you are greeted by the severed head of American Psycho Patrick Bateman. Dissected mannequins hang from the ceiling of the large chamber above. Of the many things this Fitzroy establishment is, subtle ain't one of them!

Red lights behind the bar, tall ceilings, ruby-hued booths, and exposed brick all pay homage to New York's decadent social scene of the 1980s. The devil-may-care attitude is driven home by DJs playing electronic music and a 5 AM liquor licence on the weekends (and 3 AM during the week). Be sure to check their cocktail menu.

6. Angel Music Bar


In the heart of Melbourne lies the Angel Music Bar, known for its music and the Funktion-One speakers that effectively play crowd-pleasing hits. Tuesdays are unquestionably for jazz, so you wouldn't want to miss out on dancing to classical jazz being played through the two sound outputs. As a result, you always have music to listen to, from jazz compositions by John Coltrane to Esther Phillips' songs.

Clubgoers prefer the upper room, which is nearly soundproof and guarantees that sounds coming from there reverberate nicely within. Wouldn't you want to feel as though you were in a party room? The bar's interior has been designed for boisterous nights. Seats and tables are constructed to endure pressure and meticulously bound to the floor by bolts.

7. Gasometer Hotel Melbourne


A substantial chunk of Melbourne inhabitants' musical lives is played by the upscale hotel Nicked Gaso. With the exception of having to close in 2013, the Gaso, which is well known for holding ongoing music events, has never been dull. 

Weeks in and week out have been celebrated at the venue ever since it reopened in 2014 with performances by local and visiting artists, especially standup comedians. And a well-known fact about the Gaso is that it never stops hosting events, with dates that might go for months filled with concerts and album releases, among other things. Following the completion of one event, another is added to the cycle.

8. Chaise Lounge


One of Melbourne's top spots for music, fun, and leisure is Chaise Lounge. The venue is well-known for its hip-hop music and live performances. The club transforms into the charming, sophisticated, and fabulous night place you so desired as the early evening fades into nightfall.

Furthermore, Chaise Lounge is an excellent place to go if you value a peaceful atmosphere for family leisure in addition to hip-hop. Do look out for their Throwback Tech, Decadence Friday and Rhythm Nation.

9. The Night Cat Melbourne


The Night Cat club is situated in Fitzroy's Johnston Street on the curve from Brunswick Street. The location is a go-to place to cool off while listening to occasional reggae and jazz music. 

The Night Cat is a beloved music venue where local and international performers perform live to enthusiastic applause from the audience. It is a great place to catch the best performances of local artists. A favourite artist rocking the stage can make the event memorable. The ambience, music, and performances all reflect the distinctive Fitzroy culture. Due to the venue's low lighting, partygoers enjoy the steamy atmosphere it creates.

10. The Toff in Town Melbourne


Melbourne's The Toff in Town is a must-try iconic bar featuring late-night food, live music, bar snacks, and pours. The Toff In Town is located on the second story of Curtin House and has room for a band room, reception area, and a dark main bar for wild partygoers. Despite the dark atmosphere, the bar has a glam of its own, provided by the sparkling wine bottles strategically placed throughout the space.

Numerous little private booths, together with their dim illumination, provide the delightful atmosphere of an intimate, romantic gathering. This pub is a solid option for a night date because of its general atmosphere, and the groovy music played when there are no live events.

11. Club Retro


Club Retro, one of Melbourne's best-run nightlife facilities, is a popular location for both nighttime entertainment and leisure. Due to the accessibility of having three dance floors, the club in the busy CBD has been and remains a popular location for cocktails and private events. Wednesdays are reserved for rooftop revelry or ground-floor entertainment. The venue is jam-packed on Fridays and Saturdays, and as its name implies, retro music is played all night long.

12. Revolver Upstairs


Revolver will take you on a Friday night into a vivid, soulful world before dumping you back into Chapel Street the following Sunday morning with your ears still throbbing with pulsing techno. The phrase "cage" is widely used to describe what look to be intimidating booths that contain local and foreign DJs in a dining area but are actually just cages. The bar or club stays open late and is frequently credited for the kind of behaviour you want to forget as quickly as possible.

Also, bonus points for its LGBTIQ+ inclusivity! 

13. Brown Alley

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Brown Alley is one of the best underground clubs in Melbourne. While the upper space is wide and rectangular, having DJs at one end in a dim nook, the downstairs space has the vibe of a superclub. The rooftop bar also doubles as a smoking zone.

Several top bands, DJs, and electronic acts in the world have performed here. If you're looking for a large selection of dance music, Brown Alley has you covered. Techno, R&B, and really deep house are some of the music genres played in this club, which is frequently utilised for concerts and after-parties.

14. New Guernica


Following a successful 12-year run in the CBD, New Guernica relocated to Collingwood. The new location has lofty 7-meter ceilings, a balcony perched over the dance floor, and a top-notch sound and lighting setup. Among others, the famous disco ball is one of the pieces carried over from the old site.

Get set for a recurring rave on Thursday nights with drink specials, Friday events hosted by groups like the Operative, and future performances by well-known electronic musicians, up-and-coming artists, and touring international performers.

15. Sub Club


The Sub Club is a clandestine basement club located in Flinders Court, plus its special events are just as obscure. The venue has a Tresor vibe due to its previous stint as an old ANZ bank vault.

No one is left out since lineups are a reflection of cutting-edge curators and subcultures. There will surely be a lot of techno, bass, and experimental electronic music from a 10,000-watt sound system. Sub Club is unquestionably among Melbourne's top clubs!

These were some of the best nightclubs in Melbourne, regardless of whether your ideal night out involves dancing the night away, indulging in some delicious food, unwinding in a chill environment, or a combination of all three! Hop into your best outfit and live the night!

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