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Melaka Raya, Melaka Overview

Melaka Raya is an urban township and business area in Malacca. Also known for shopping, entertainment, and dining establishments, the area is within easy reach of Malacca’s historical locations and famous Chinatown. It is also popular for enjoying the night life of Malacca, with many bars and night clubs operating in the vicinity as well.

Visitors are often seen entering the couple of shopping centers at Melaka Raya along with the banks and standalone stores for buying their necessities. This area is also home to two distinct apartment hotels along with a 5 star hotel of international standards. 

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Shopping at Melaka Raya

  • Mahkota Parade, a shopping mall comprising of four floors is located at the heart of Melaka Raya. It offers fashion wear, books, gifts, souvenirs as well as delicious eats within its premises.
  • People hoping for quality products choose to drop in to Dataran Pahlawan, the more upscale shopping mall in the area.
  • The restaurants and top designer stores are located in the upper floors of the market.
  • The curious shopper is intrigued by the array of goods available at the crafts & souvenir market in its basement, however.
  • The international tourists make sure to go for the Jonker Walk Night market where it is possible to buy all kinds of local goods including wooden statues, souvenirs, local apparel and accessories. The night market is restricted to Fridays and Saturdays and has come to be reckoned as a must-see shopping destination for first time visitors to Melaka.

Food at Melaka Raya

The food of Malacca is multicultural with the eager gastronomes getting a taste every kind of dishes found all across the world.
  • Eethnic Peranakan cuisine is definitely the most popular here while the visitors can also sample Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and European fare by dropping into the dining destinations on both sides of the streets.
  • The top hotels as well as fine dining establishment of Melaka Raya are multicuisine while the fast food joints and open air café buzz with activity during the evenings with the visitors enjoying chicken rice ball and Nyonya cuisine.
  • Pong teh chicken along with  Malacca cendol are other favorite local dishes while the pricey eateries are highly popular for their European fare and satay celup.

How to Reach Melaka Raya

The international tourists prefer to hire cars or taxis and drive down to the destination. Many favor taking the ferry from Bengkalis, Dumai and Pekanbaru to the ferry station located at Taman, Melaka Raya.

Need to Know

  • Tipping the waiters at the restaurants is not commonplace with the amount being included in the service charge instead.
  • Drinking tap water is acceptable as it is safe

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