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Food of Marrakech

Marrakech as amazing as it looks, has an even more amazing palate of delicacies. Locals prefer to add a variety of spices giving it a really strong taste. The most famous dishes include B'ssara (a traditional rich soup of dried beans), Fish chermoula and Kefta tagine (beef or lamb minced with veggies)

Food for Indians in Marrakech

Being an Indian it becomes difficult to get accustomed to a foreign cuisine. Though local Moroccan food is thoroughly enjoyed by Indian tourists, there are an infinite number of Indian eateries available such as Delhi Palace, Level Five and Jset Marrakech. A couple of vegetarian restaurants may also be found in the city, the most popular ones being Earth Cafe and Wok to Walk which offers the local Morroccon cuisine along with other continental delicacies.

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