Places To Visit in Morocco

Here are the top 2 tourist places in Morocco

1. Casablanca

4.3 /5

1 out of 2
Places To Visit in Morocco 10
tourist attractions

Located in western Morocco, Casablanca is the most modern city in the country. The city displays a magical blend of brilliant architecture, history, culture and sophistication. Thousands of visitors come here every year to experience the enthusiastic and energetic vibe of the city.

Best Time: July to August

2. Marrakech

4.9 /5

2 out of 2
Places To Visit in Morocco 11
tourist attractions

With magnificent palaces, historic museums, beautiful green gardens and great shopping culture, Marrakech offers a plethora of amazing attractions to tourists. The imperial city and monuments cite the perfect landmarks depicting the ancient culture and architecture and you will know why Marrakech ma...

Best Time: March to April and October to November

FAQs on Morocco

What is the currency of Morocco?

Moroccan Dirham is the national currency. Frequently used denominations in terms of bank notes are MAD 20, MAD 50, MAD 100 and MAD 200. US Dollars and Euros are both accepted in the country. Morocco is a cash-based country, so it is always better to carry hard cash with you when you travel here. Debit cards can be used at the cash machines. However, many of these machines do not work, so it is always better as we mentioned, to carry cash.

What is the history of Morocco?

The Romans were ruling Morocco until the 5th Century AD. After that, the country was invaded and conquered by the Arabs, who were instrumental in spreading the doctrines of Islam. In the 11th century, Morocco was captured by the Berbers. It was during this time that the culture of Morocco began to be enhanced and developed. Later, a group named the Merinids captured Morocco, followed by the Wattasids. The French also captured Morocco, and they then struggled for independence. In 1956, Morocco emerged as an independent nation.

What is unique about culture of Morocco?

Moroccan culture is both religious and courteous. They hold their mosques very dear, and only Muslims are allowed to access them. Their culture is steeped in polite courtesy and hospitality, which is evident in the manner in which they interact with people. The family is also given a lot of importance, and even today, the men are considered the head of the house and at a slightly more elevated position than women. Islam is the dominant religion of this country. Sunni Muslims are more commonly found. A few Christians and Jews also live in Morocco. Arabic and Berber are the official languages of the country. Some locals also speak French, Spanish and English.

How is Morocco divided into regions?

Morocco comprises of several regions. Meditarranean Morocco is filled with lots of towns and cities for the everyday tourist, the North Atlantic Coast holds the capital of the country, the South Atlantic Coast is very well-known for its beach towns such as Agadir and Essaouria, High Atlas includes the famous Marrakesh and the Atlas mountain range, Middle Atlas covers the Middle Atlas mountains, Saharan Morocco includes the sprawling deserts of the country and the Anti Atlas region covers the south of the country.
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