Gueliz, Marrakech Overview

Situated right next to Medina, Gueliz is famously known as the downtown of Marrakech. A break from the otherwise historic and old city, this French neighbourhood offers all the delights of the modern world. It is visited for its chic bars, art galleries, fashion stores and restaurants.

Some of the highlights of this area are the Jardin Majorelle Museum, The Royal Tennis Club of Marrakech, Matisse Art Gallery, and Parc El Harti (a botanical garden encompassing thousands of exotic flowers and majestic trees, a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing picnic with your family, away from the honk of the city). Also known for its funky cafes and classy restaurants offering a rich traditional taste, some of the must-try food places in Gueliz are Al Fassia Agudeal ( delicious Moroccan cuisine), Karobase, Casanova (known for homemade Italian delicacies), and Brasserie de Flore (the perfect place for authentic French cuisine). This lively little neighbourhood is the heart of modern Morocco and is worth exploring.

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