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Q. Is Malshej Ghat good for trekking during the monsoons?

Ajay Ojha

6 years ago
Yes, it's a perfect and adventurous place for tracking in monsoon... very enjoyable...
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Brahmani Keni

6 years ago
The best weekend getaway for those travellers whose budget is less yet expectations are high. Don?t worry, I am one of those. Malshej Ghat withholds trekking trails, waterfalls, lakes and historic fo (Read More)rts. Amongst all the places to visit one should not miss the trek up to the Harishchandra fort and rock climbing in the lower waterfalls. The mulberries are well known fruit found specifically here.

Shubham Dongre

6 years ago
The best place to visit during monsoon. Waterfalls are amazing. I was staying here for the best deal for 1500/- per person with food for 1 night. You can also checkout this place at www.dongresfarm.c (Read More)om for amazing stay.

Kovid Kapoor

6 years ago
- Wear sport shoes or non-slippery footwears for a safe trip to the ghat.

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