Being a small gateway retreat, its options for food are very limited and almost scarce. It is advisable to carry food for one day trip to Malshej or eat at the dhabbas alongside national highway on your way to the ghat.

Photos of Famous Food in Malshej Ghat

Local dishes of Malshej Ghat
Local dishes of Malshej Ghat

Restaurants in Malshej Ghat

VisvashGarden Restaurant


INR 200 For Two for two

This is one of the budget restaurants in the city that has amazing local Maharashtrian food. You can have a lovely time here enjoying the taste of local dishes.

Visvash Garden Restaurant, Malshej Ghat, Maharshtra

Hotel Flamingo Resort


The in house restaurant serves a limited variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Savarni Village, District Thane,Malshejghat, Maharashtra,421401

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