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Raksha Tayade

on City Shopping 3 years ago
I love strawberries. I plan trip in next week & get pune to mahabaleshwar tour package by shivneri travels ,I am so excited for my journey and sightseeing.

Deepak Kanade

2 years ago
One of the best destination in summer, wonderful and memorable experience from the Mahableshwar Plan. At least for 2-3 days spend here.The boating tracking view atmosphere awesome experience ever.

Sravya Vemuri

3 years ago
I visited Mahabaleshwar during the summers. It was a respite from scorching heat as Mahabaleshwar is a hill station. One has to travel along the beautiful green roads for sure. The place is also famo (Read More)us for good quality fruits and vegetables. You can also enjoy seeing the strawberry and raspberry farms. For jam and jelly lovers, the Mapro food gardens will be a paradise. Jellies, candies and jams of different flavours are available at reasonable prices. I bought a pack of 100 jellies for a Rs. 200 and they were worth it. Venna lake, Panchgani and Pratapgadh Fort are other not-to-miss tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar.

Rekha Shekhawat

3 years ago
While most of Maharashtra is extremely hot during summers, Mahabaleshwar is a great getaway from the heat as it enjoys pleasant weather all year round. It is one of the finest hill stations of Mahara (Read More)shtra with several sightseeing options like Arthur's Seat, Kate's point and Wilson's point.

Kovid Kapoor

3 years ago
- Carry Umbrellas, rain gear and jackets to escape unexpected rains or cold climate.

Anam Shaikh

3 years ago
Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful, lush-green hill-station located in Maharashtra. It is one of the best places to visit near Pune & Mumbai and among the top places to visit in Maharashtra. The best t (Read More)ime to visit Mahabaleshwar is in summer- around June to September as it is comparatively cooler. While you are here, don?t forget to visit the Pratapgarh Fort, Lingamala Falls, and Arthur?s Seat. Try not to miss the breath-stopping panoramic views created by the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and deep valleys. Some of the other points that you must visit are Monkey Point, Carnac Point, Falkland Point, Helen?s Point, Elphinstone Point, Mumbai Point, Marjorie Point and Babbington Point. For boating you must head to the Venna Lake. During the monsoon, waterfalls such as Lingmala Falls and Dhobi Falls come alive, adding to the scenic splendour of the place. You can also spend your evenings loitering in the main bazaar and enjoy strawberry-flavoured ice-cream or fresh strawberries with whipped cream. It is an absolute treat.

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Q. Which place is suitable for stay as there are lots of places far from each other so that i am confused. Which place is centre of Mahabaleshwar?

Kauser akolawala

2 years ago
Better to stay near Mahabaleshwar bus stand. After sunset, the whole area between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar becomes very deserted.

Q. How much room rent?


3 years ago
You can check out the rates for Hotel rent in Mahabaleshwar through the following link -

Q. When does the Strawberry season begin in Mahabaleshwar? What all can be done here?

Aashimi Bhatia

3 years ago
The Strawberry Harvest Season in Mahabaleshwar is from December to February. When you're here, you can enjoy the treats like strawberry jams and shakes from the vendors around the farms. Mapro Factor (Read More)y is also a nice place to go to. Raspberries, Mulberries and Blueberries are also grown in the fruit town and you can buy canned preserves, honey or jellies. There are also view points, waterfalls and lakes that you can enjoy.

Q. Witch month is havey fogg in mahabaleshwar

Shashwat Kant

3 years ago
Mahabaleshwar sees a heavy monsoon in the months of July and August, and the fog and mist tends to be at a maximum during these months. beautiful time to visit.

Q. Witch time is best January or October

Devyani Chandra

3 years ago
It depends on what you would like to see. January is the strawberry harvest season, so Mahabaleshwar is very interesting at the time. You can have all sorts of fresh strawberry delicacies, and the (Read More)weather is pleasant. October is just post monsoon, so the hills and valleys are green and fresh, and the waterfalls have been recharged. You just have to take a pick.
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