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Gayathri Devi 2 years ago
Last week visited.. They have stopped the project. Nothing is there, no proper maintenance. I will not suggest anyone to visit Lavasa. Waste for your money. We came out with disappointment.
Sandeep Patil 2 years ago
much hyped Lavasa City is only as good as a couple of hours of Sightseeing, nothing more. The place is overly priced, everything is expensive. You can just stroll around for a couple of hours. The only attraction seems to be the drive along the mountain stretch and the Lake. Though the place is advertised as a retired / senior citizen stay, I failed to see the basic amenities that an aged person would get there. Not recommended as a tourist place, may be enjoyed only for the pleasure of driving and sightseeing for a couple of hours.
Rohit Shroff 2 years ago
- Lavasa is all about relaxing your senses. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the surrounding and be as close to mother nature as possible. Leave the city life behind and enter a new world of calmness. Thatâ?°Ă?ªs what it all about. Follow some basic travel tips, like carry first aids. Worry about nothing, and make this trip the most memorable one of your life.
Sonali Garg 2 years ago
A look at Lavasa made me acknowledge what a masterpiece this man-made hill station of India is. Due to its pleasant weather, it is packed with tourists throughout the year. Luckily, I got to spend New Year's eve here and with a festival around the corner, the place was even more jovial. Relishing the delicacies served in the cafes, indulging in water sports near the lake in the morning and night walk around the lakeside promenade is the best way to spend your time here. Though the weather is cool the afternoons can be a bit sunny and hence I would recommend carrying plenty of sunblock and liquids. On your way back, don't forget to see the grandeur of Varasgaon Dam.
Anvesh Maderamitla 2 years ago
It is one of the best places to relax and the weather keeps your mind and body fresh I love the place. If I get a chance I will visit the place every year. I also love the city. Loved it

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Q. How is Lavasa as a getaway?.....good better or bad or average

Rudratandav N 2 years ago
Lavasa is a great place for a getaway. The perfect retreat from the busy life.

Q. Can u give the hotel name where we can stay for two night ?

Diwakar Kotian 2 years ago
Can u give the hotel name where we can stay for two night ?

Q. Any tourist agent

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