Lunglei Restaurants

Food of Lunglei

Lunglei does not have too many restaurants, but the handful that it does are equally welcoming to both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. Though the local cuisine is dominated by non-vegetarian delicacies, the joints will provide an equally satisfying platter to those interested in vegetarian food. The local cuisine is mild, fresh and natural with rice, vegetables and fish being a staple meal. Local delicacies of Mizoram include Bai, Poora Mach, Misa Mach Poora, Koat pitha as well as some alcoholic beverages such as Zawlaidi, which make up fro the unavailability of liquor in the state, since Mizoram is a dry state.

Lunglei Photos

Lunglei, Mizoram
Lunglei,mizoram Night View from bazar veng
Staff Quarters of Mizoram Polytechnic, Lunglei, before Renovation.

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