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Situated high above the city of LA, California, in the Santa Monica Mountains at about 847 feet above the sea level, are the Stone Canyon and Upper Stone Canyon Reservoirs. Designed and built-in 1924, it was built with an original capacity of 9,900,000 m3. However, upgrades over the years have increased the capacity of the upper reservoir to 139 million gallons of water and the larger lower reservoir can store up to 3.38 billion gallons of water. Due to various contaminants from the lower stone canyon water, the lower reservoir has been decommissioned and no longer provides water directly to its customers.

The upper reservoir had recently returned to service in 2019 after the installation of 700,000 sq. foot floating cover to preserve the quality of water. 

The Stone Canyon Reservoir is an important source of water to over 450,000 residents of the west of Los Angeles including West Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey/LAX, and the UCLA campus. 

The 24-miles long Mullholand drive section, passing through LA, of the famous 55-mile long Mulholland Scenic Parkway and Corridor, overlooks the reservoir providing a scenic drive with the mountains and the reservoir connecting to the beaches of LA. Fishing can be done with the help of local guides.

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