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Nestled away in the San Fernando Valley, about 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles, is the quaint neighbourhood of Toluca Lake. The name is derived from the private natural lake here, Toluca Lake, with its primary source of water from the Los Angeles River and is looked after by the property owners in the vicinity. With a mere population of just around 8,000, it is home to private homeowners. But has also been home to various celebrities including Steve Carrell, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, etc.

The lake here has a rich history of being fed by the springs of the groundwater from the LA River and the aquifers of the valley. However, due to construction activities around the lake, the water table had been lowered. The lake is a private property of the residents of the area from generations ago and created the “Toluca Lake Property Owners Association” to look after and maintain the lake to keep it pristine as it always was. Community wells have also been built on the edges of the lake to maintain the water ta

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