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Idyllwild lies in the San Jacinto Mountains, California. The town is nestled amid tall pines, sweet-smelling cedars, and super-sized rocks. The surroundings embrace a small-town-like cozy atmosphere. Visit and experience the peaceful ambiance of Idyllwild in nature's lap. Away from the city crowds, traffic jams, & noise, this town is perfect for a break from the busy city life, to relax & rejuvenate yourself. Idyllwild is an ideal place for all sorts of hiking, from the quick day hikes for weekends to long overnight hiking trips.

You will find local shops and restaurants here. 

Here, you can enjoy many recreational activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, & camping, alongside shopping & dining. In the entire Southern California, Idyllwild is the apt site for visitors who want to enjoy remote, mountainous, & scenic rides without much crowd on the trails.  

Also, Idyllwild has some of the best camping sites and offers camping for all types. It is easy and convenient for visitors to get away for some camping with their families or friends in the star-filled skies of Idyllwild due to its ideal location. While some visitors prefer fishing and camping at Lake Hemet in the Garner Valley area, other people prefer to camp out in remote areas. Idyllwild will most likely be able to serve all your camping requirements.

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