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Since its inception in 1835, Madame Tussauds has been leaving people starry-eyed with its wide array of wax figures of famous personalities from around the world, including famed and popular movie characters, YouTube artists, revolutionaries, and even controversial figures of people like Adolf Hitler. Started by Marie Tussauds who used to sculpt faces and figures from wax from a tender age of 6, this place is a high-rated and highly loved tourist attraction in London.

From the biggest names in the history of cinema, art, television to the legends in sports, from models to historical figures and veterans, from the King of Bollywood and romance Shah Rukh Khan, to the world famous martial artist and actor Jackie Chan.

Hollywood’s power couples like Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) to the Royal Couple, from the popular comic actor from the black and white-era of cinema Charlie Chaplin to the animated character Shrek are all featured in Madame Tussaud Wax Museum is an exhibition of celebrities, artists, sportsmen, and various other world renowned and esteemed personalities and figures.

With the original one is in London, there are 21 of this franchise around the world at present. The 1st branch that opened overseas was in Amsterdam in 1970.

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Days Timings
Monday - Friday 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM
Saturday - Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM

Ticket Prices

Age Online Offline
Children (4 - 15) GBP 18.00 GBP 29.50
Adults GBP 22.00 GBP 34.00

Famous Attractions

- Spirit of London Taxi Ride - Immerse in 400 years of history on this taxi ride which will take you through the landmark events that occurred during this time.

- Marvel 4D movie experience - This will keep you intrigued and in awe. Witness your most favourite Marvel characters in this short 4D movie to explore further your love for these world-saving superheroes.

- The Royal Family - With the Queen having had posed more than 20 times at various points in her life, the place boasts of her wax figure along with that of Prince William, Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

- Star Wars – The Star Wars experience chamber is one of a kind, and is a treat for the fans of this series.

- Death Masks – The place still has on display the death masks of the victims and perpetrators of the French Revolution, a dark mark in the place’s history, including that of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. Miss Marie herself was close to getting executed during that time due to her affiliation with the King’s sister, Madame Elizabeth.


Following are a few fun facts about this place:

- Each figure takes weeks of labour to get made, and costs around $300,000 (or GBP 2,37,000) to get made.

- All the figures get made- sculpted, moulded, and painted – at Merlin Studios, East London

- The process of taking a celebrity’s measurements can take up to 3 hours, with 100s of shots and pictures of the celebrity taken so that the final output is as close to reality as possible.

- The figures are made to be 2% larger than the actual character, which is the margin of the shrinkage that will be caused throughout the process.

- Tinkerbell is the smallest wax figure made in the history of this place, just 5 and a half inches in height.

- Most recently, India Cricket Captain Virat Kohli’s wax statue got unveiled at Lord’s, ahead of 2019 Cricket World Cup. The shoes and the gloves on the statue were given by the Captain himself, and the statue will be placed next to sports legends such as Usain Bolt and the former Indian Cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.


Born in 1761 in France, Marie Tussaud, born Marie Grosholtz, tutored in the art of was sculpting under her mother’s employer, Dr Philippe Curtius. When Dr Curtius moved to Paris, he bought Marie along with him as well. She later tutored under Madame Elizabeth. She sculpted many eminent personalities of the time, including Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin, and even the victims of the Revolution.

She married François Tussaud in 1795 and soon after got divorced in 1802. She then toured the roads of Britain showcasing her famous collection of death masks, including that of the French King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, displaying her contempt for wars in France. She continued exhibited her art in Great Britain and Ireland as she was unable to go to her homeland due to Napoleonic Wars. In 1835, she settled in Baker Street and made it her residence and turned it into a museum as well. The most famous attraction at that time was the Chamber of Horrors, whose entry fee was higher, and it displayed the grotesque victims and perpetrators of the French Revolution.

Today, while some of the old figures made by Madam Marie Tussauds still remain there, a fire in 1925 and later the Blitz caused permanent damage to quite a few of them. 8 years before her death, she made a self-portrait which is now displayed at the entrance of the place.

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