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"A Rivertown for Irrawaddy dolphins, Birds and Sunsets "

Kratie Tourism

Kratie is one of the provinces in eastern Cambodia. The capital of this province is Kratie town. Although located on the riverbanks of the Mekong, which stretches for over 140 km along the city line from north to south, it is surprisingly one of Cambodia's least populated provinces.

Beyond the riverbanks are dense mangrove forests home to abundant wildlife and flora. Kratie is a popular destination among the tourists who arrive in large numbers to experience the vibrant ecosystem and a whole river town with colonial architecture and authentic Cambodian countryside.

Things to do in Kratie

1. Koh Trong

Koh Trong
Koh Trong is an island in the Mekong river located close to Kratie in Cambodia inhabiting about 500 families. It is a quiet island known as the 'Market Garden' due to various local fruits growing here (Read More). The island is popular among the tourists visiting Kratie for its authentic Cambodian rural life experience amidst green rice fields. You can either visit Koh Trong as a day trip from Kratie or stay overnight.

2. Phnom Sombok

Phnom Sombok
Phnom Sombok is a small Buddhist hill temple located near Kratie town in Cambodia. One of the well-known tourist attractions in Kratie, Phnom Sombok is famous for its beautiful location amidst two mou (Read More)ntain peaks offering scenic views of the Mekong river. It is on the way to Kampi, a place renowned for dolphin watching, and it's worth to combine your trip with a visit to Phnom Sombok.

3. Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre

Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre
Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre (MTCC) is located near Kratie in Cambodia. It is an establishment for the conservation of the endangered Cantor�۪s Giant Softshell Turtle and is one of the popular to (Read More)urist attractions among the travelers in Kratie, where people can take up Turtle conservation tours to see the hatchlings grow.

4. Irrawaddy Dolphins Spotting

Irrawaddy Dolphins Spotting
Irrawaddy Dolphins inhabit the Mekong river plain that stretches for about 400 miles between Cambodia and Laos, including the towns of Kratie and Kampi. These rare, unique dolphins are an endangered s (Read More)pecies found in small populations. Watching these dolphins is one of the top attractions for people visiting Kratie.

5. Sunset at Mekong River

Sunset at Mekong River
The Mekong, the largest river in SE Asia, has a significant path of it in Cambodia, flowing through the towns of Phnom Penh, Kampot, Kep, Kratie and other destinations. Watching sunsets at this gentle (Read More) river is among the top tourist attractions in Cambodia. Depending on your time and preference, you can opt for short sunset boat tours or luxurious cruises or even slow boat day trips in the Mekong river.

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Things to Do

Irrawady Dolphin and other Wildlife:- Surrounded by the expansive Mekong, Kratie is the most popular place in the country to see Irrawaddy dolphins. These endangered dolphins thrive in this part of the Mekong, and tourists opt for tours to watch them in their natural habitat. Along with the dolphins, Kratie is home to rare birds, turtles, crocodiles and fish.

Island Day-Trips:- Several islands surround Kratie, which are seasonal day trip options for tourists wanting to get away for an island holiday. The province is also home to the mountain ranges of Phnom Pram Poan and Phnom Prech, both housing thick forests.

3-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1: Explore the town on a walking tour to see the colonial architecture. Take the Irrawaddy Dolphins tour in the late afternoon, and be back in the city for sunset along the riverfront from the downtown. Dine-in one of the restaurants and shops in the local market.

  • Day 2: Visit Phnom Sombok Pagoda in the morning. Next head to Mekong Turtle conservation centre in the afternoon. Follow this up with a sunset boat tour to enjoy the views of Cambodian Countryside and vibrant sunset. End the day with tasting local street food in the downtown close to the riverfront and the market.

  • Day 3: Take a day trip to nearby Koh Trong Island.


  • Kratie has very few ATMs, and most of the transactions are done in cash. So it is better to carry some money before arriving in the city.
  • Kratie has fewer accommodation options that fill fast during the high season. So it is recommended to book the guesthouses and hotels in advance.

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FAQs on Kratie

What is famous about Kratie?

Kratie is a great place to experience Cambodia's tranquil rural life, abundant natural beauty and life along a river basin. If you are looking to spend your time away from crowded and commercialised destinations amidst nature, Kratie is an ideal place.

What is not so good about Kratie?

Kratie receives very few tourists compared to other cities, and hence, the amenities for travelers is not on par with the rest. Accommodations can be hard to find during the peak season if not planned. Also, ATMs are hard to find along with limited options for necessary facilities.

Who should visit Kratie?

Kratie is ideal for all travellers. Tourists travelling with kids, couples and families enjoy visiting Kratie. However, people wanting to party and have fun might not like this place.

What is the best time to visit Kratie?

The best time to visit Kratie is between October and January. The weather is not hot, and the humidity is less during these months. Dolphins spotting is best during this time as well as many cruise options are open to the tourists. From late February, summer sets in slowly with March to May being the hottest months. Monsoon begins in late July and lasts until September, with the city witnessing landslides and floods.
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What is the best way to reach Kratie?

What are the places near Kratie?

The top places near to Kratie are Phnom penh which is 189 km from Kratie, Siem reap which is located 265 km from Kratie, Kep which is located 311 km from Kratie, Mondulkiri which is located 84 km from Kratie, Sihanoukville which is located 188 km from Kratie

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