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Phnom Sombok, Kratie Overview

Phnom Sombok is a small Buddhist hill temple located near Kratie town in Cambodia. One of the well-known tourist attractions in Kratie, Phnom Sombok is famous for its beautiful location amidst two mountain peaks offering scenic views of the Mekong river. It is on the way to Kampi, a place renowned for dolphin watching, and it's worth to combine your trip with a visit to Phnom Sombok.

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Phnom Sombok History & Significance

Phnom Sombok in Khmer translates to very rich in gold, named after a legend. The legend has it that King Cha Krey Sara Varman on a quest to find a gold mine discovered this place, which was rich in gold. The temple was built in the 15th century dedicating to a Buddhist monk Neak Voan, who resided here, meditating and teaching his disciples. 

You need to climb about 300 steps to reach the entrance, where there are many colourful, life-sized statue of sitting Buddha lined up. At the top, the sanatorium houses a reclining Buddha. There are a meditation centre and monastery, which is home to many young monks. A unique feature about Phnom Sombok is a pavilion depicting the scenes from hell including the torture to be endured by people in the afterlife for a righteous-less life

The temple complex also houses a resort with all amenities, and if you like staying away from the bustle amidst rich nature, you can spend a night here.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Phnom Sombok is in the early morning or late evening when the weather is pleasant. You can enjoy the best views of the sunrise and sunset at these hours.

What to wear

As with the other temples in Cambodia, it is expected that tourists dress appropriately. Women need to cover their shoulder at all times and wear knee-length attire. Sleeveless shirts and shorts aren't also allowed for both men and women.

How To Reach Phnom Sombok

You can reach Phnom Sombok by renting a bike for about 8 USD per day or by Tuk-Tuk costing about 5 USD for a round trip. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the temple from Kratie.

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