Jatayu Earth's Centre

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Jatayu Nature's Park

Jatayu Earth's Centre, Kollam Overview

Jatayu Nature Park is a rock-themed park which got opened on November 25, 2017. Built to promote mythology and adventure tourism, the tourism centre boasts of 6D theatre, a digital audio-visual room, cable car and ayurvedic cave resort. It is also home to umpteen adventure activities including paintball, laser tag, archery, bouldering, rock climbing, air-rifle shooting etc. The primary attraction of the park, however, is the world's largest stone-cut bird sculpture replicating Jatayu, the mythical bird from Ramayana.

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About Jatayu Earth's Centre

Being the first of its kind destination tourism initiative, it redefines Kerala's haven! It is conceptualized and designed by the Malayali director Rajiv Anchal and has been constructed in collaboration with the state government. The project is first of its kind with public-private partnership under BOT (Built-Operate-Transfer) model. The concept is to bring art, epic, history and technology together. It is located on the exact same hill where the demi-god Jatayu fell after being defeated by Ravana in a fight to save Sita from his clutches. Alongside being the major tourist attraction, the park also sets to provide rainwater harvesting and renewable energy sources to the localities. In fact, the electricity required for the project is also harnessed from solar power.

Jatayu Sculpture

  • Jatayu Bird Sculpture is expected to be the world's largest stone sculpture after completion with total dimensions - 200 ft long, 150 ft wide, 70 ft high and a coverage of 15000 sq. ft. The Jatayu Sculpture, other than being a mammoth sight is supposed to have three surreal experiences.

  • The museum situated inside the sculpture has two floors dedicated to the depiction of Treta Yuga, the era when Ramayan happened. The third floor will have multi-dimensional digital imaging and paintings from the same mythology.

  • The theatre is situated inside the wings of the giant bird sculpture and has an audio-visual screening of the famous war between Ravana and Jatayu- the namesake vulture, who died trying to save Sita from the clutches of Ravana.

  • Bird's eye view will be located in the eye of the Jatayu with a staircase leading to the top. From here, the tourists can witness the panoramic vista of Kerala's landscape and the Arabian Sea, which is a treat to the eye. 

Best Time To Visit Jatayu Earth's Centre

September to May

How To Reach Jatayu Earth's Centre

There are regular bus services from Kollam to Chandamalayam. Besides, private cabs can also be booked from Kollam to the park. The mammoth structure of Jatayu can be reached either with the cable car ropeway ride or a 1 km trek to the hilltop, both within the park.

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Wings Of Kerala

on Jatayu Earth's Centre 2 years ago
It's a fabricated story behind Jadayupara (Jadayu Earth Centre) Actually Jadayu was fell down near Andra Pradesh area,This Jadayupara named area is just trying to fool and loot people's

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