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Tags : Amusement & Theme Park

Timings : 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 5-6 hours

Entry Fee : Entry Fee: INR 185 (Limited rides and attractions)
Package Deal: INR 600 (Includes all Park rides, Water Rides and attractions)
Annual Pass: INR 2300n (Includes all Park rides, Water Rides and attractions)
Annual Amusement Park Ticket: INR 960 (Includes only entry to the Park and all Park Rides)
Annual Water Park Ticket: INR 960 (includes entry and all water rides)

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Nicco Park, Kolkata Overview

Nicco Park is an amusement park frequently visited for entertainment and recreational purposes. It is also called the "Disney Land of West Bengal" and attracts visitors in large numbers throughout the year. The park functions efficiently on solar energy that causes no pollution. Every aspect of the rides here is appropriately explained at the beginning for the visitors to learn. So, one will find charts and boards displayed at the entrance of every ride illustrating the principles used to ensure a safe and fun ride. The park has numerous amusement rides and shows which are not just recreational but educational also. It is, therefore, a favourite amongst parent and youngsters who often prefer the attraction as a picnic spot.

Nicco Park has been functioning as an amusement park for the past 20 years. It is the first amusement park in India that has obtained recognition from Quality Management System, Safety Management System and Environment Management System. Nicco Park is also the first amusement park in the world to have obtained a 'Social Accountability' certificate. Those looking for an entertaining, educational and a recreational escape must head to the Nicco Park.

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Nicco Park Rides

  • Park Rides and Water Park: Nicco Park has over 35 rides that include family, kiddies and thrill rides. Flying Saucer, Tilt-a-Whirl, Magic Carpet, Toy Train, Paddle Boat, River Caves, Water Chute, Giant Cyclone, Pirate Ship, Moonraker, Cyclone etc are some of the rides that visitors can choose from. Nicco Park also has a water park with several water-themed rides, slides and pools.

  • Family Rides: Nicco Park has many rides that can be enjoyed by kids as well as their parents. They can begin with a pleasant Toy Train Ride which takes them all through the park. The ride is accompanied by rhythmic upbeat music that makes the toy train ride a memorable experience. There's a Family Carousel which gives a virtual horse ride experience on a rotating platform and a Crazy Tea Party Ride to take one back to Alice in Wonderland maybe. A cable car ride/ gondola ride over the Paddle Boat Lake is the best way to get a panoramic view of the surrounding. One can also go on a Lazy River Ride on a canal or a Paddle Boat ride in the lake. The family rides also include a Vortex with Iceland where one can get a feel of dancing in the whirlpool.

  • Thrill Rides: For those who want to get their adrenalin rushing, have a variety of thrilling adventure rides to choose from. One such ride is the River Cave which is the first river ride in the dark. The ride includes paddle boats that go through a canal in the dark and has some surprises including volcanic eruptions and dinosaurs. Other rides include the Sky Diver, Pirate Ship, Bull Ride, Twist and Turn, Flying saucer, Moon Raker, Cyclone, Water chute etc. These rides are some of the best rides one can find in the city.

  • Kid's Rides: The amusement park has some rides designed only for the kids. They have a well-maintained Children's Corner with Slides, Swings, Jungle Gym, See-Saw etc. surrounded by trees all around providing fresh air to the tiny tots. They also have a Merry Go Round, a Water Merry Go Round on colourful boats that ensure an enjoyable experience for the kids.

Things To Do at Nicco Park

  • Wet-O-Wild: Nicco Park also has a water park called Wet-o-Wild with themed water slides where one can find water rides to suit their needs. So, whether one wants to laze around, unwind or feel the thrill of an adventure water ride, Wet-O-Wild is the place to be. There are rides like the Lazy River, Splash Pool, Wave Pool, Tube Slide, Rain Dance, Pirate Bay, Kiddies Pool, Body Slide, Family Swirl, the Niagara Falls and the Wave Runner. If one's searching for a cooling respite on a sunny afternoon, they should head to Wet-O-Wild. 

  • Nicco Super Bowl: Nicco Super Bowl is Kolkata's best bowling alley. It is a favourite hangout especially for youngsters who come for an entertaining game with friends and family. They also have an air hockey table, a derby game, and some pool tables. They have four bowling alleys that are well maintained and also has been a venue for several bowling tournaments in Kolkata. Entry to the Nicco Super Bowl costs INR 55 per person, and the bowling games cost anything between INR 110 to INR 200 depending on the package. A game of Pool, Derby and Air Hockey costs anything between INR 35 and INR 55 per person.

  • Bowler's Den: Located on the rooftop of Nicco Super Bowl, this is a fascinating 50-seater indoor set restaurant that serves a variety of scrumptious Tandoori and Chinese Cuisine. The restaurant is located such that it provides a beautiful view of the water park from the top of the building. Bowler's Den is open from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM every day and is a suitable venue for events, celebrations and gatherings.

  • Attractions and Shows: The attractions at Nicco Park are not limited to the fun rides but also include lush green gardens and a 40 feet high waterfall. The park also has a Bowling Alley, Eiffel Tower that can be climbed to get a panoramic view of the entire park, a genuine decommissioned MIG-21 Fighter Plane and 4D movie theatre, an Underwater Exhibition called 'Oceanica' that houses about 75 live marine animals and a Haunted House with high quality effects and sounds that will scare everyone entering the house.

  • Food Court: The food court/food park at Nicco Park serve Bengali, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian snacks and meals. Visitors won’t be disappointed as the food is prepared with utmost care to suit every taste bud.

  • Shopping: There are several shops inside the amusement park where guests can buy gifts and souvenirs. Items commonly found here are t-shirts, accessories, mugs, caps etc.

Nicco Park Dress Code

The Amusement Park Dress Code includes wearing well fitted, non-revealing and comfortable clothing with proper shoes. The clothes shouldn't be baggy or reveal undergarments. Cut off/torn jeans and shorts are also not allowed inside the amusement park, neither are accessories with metal spikes, fasteners, buckles or rivets for safety reasons. Large, long, chunky and dangling jewellery is also not allowed. Piercings that could be dangerous need to be removed before entering the rides. Clothing that depicts abuse or violence is not permitted.

Wet-O-Wild has a strict dress code for all the guests wishing to enter the water. Swimming costumes are a must, and other regular clothing like jeans, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, sarees, salwar kameez etc. is strictly prohibited. Metal fasteners, belts, buckles, spikes, long, chunky, protruding or dangling pieces of jewellery are not allowed inside the water park as well. Clothing with mesh/see-through clothing, or that depicts violence, masks/costumes, pyjamas, robes, lingerie, etc. are strictly prohibited too. Guests donning offensive tattoos with indecent words, abusive language, nudity, violent messages/material that is hateful, religiously divisive are also not allowed into the water park.

Tips For Visiting Nicco Park

  • Costs for some rides and shows are not included in the ticket of pass cost. Tourists may want to check in advance to avoid inconvenience.
  • Tickets can be purchased online in advance. These are, however, non-transferable and non-refundable.

How To Reach Nicco Park, Kolkata

Nicco Park is about 8 kilometres away from the city centre and can be reached by taxis, government-run buses or auto-rickshaws via Maniktala Main Road. From the city centre, take the route via Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road - Maniktala Main Road, 1st Cross Road - NH12 - GM Block Street Number 27.

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