Beautiful Beaches in Koh Rong

Here is the list of 10 Beautiful Beaches in Koh Rong

1. The Lazy Beach

The Lazy Beach

Located on the western side of the island, Lazy Beach is a secluded private beach offering basic wooden bungalow accommodation and plenty of wine and dine options with an aesthetic setting. Like most Koh Rong Sanloem beaches, it offers exciting water sport activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it offers breathtaking sunset views and lush green tropical rainforest landscapes. It is hardly crowded, making for a relaxing and cosy getaway.

3. Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach

Relatively secluded from other beaches, Coconut beach sits at the southern part of Koh Rong island. The beach is clean, having beautiful white sand all over, crystal turquoise waters with bare minimum corals and seaweed. There are majestic seaside tents for travellers and backpackers. Offering excellent sunset views, the city lights of the coast of Sihanoukville are also visible during the night. This beach is a little less developed than the rest and hence has restricted dining options.

4. Southwestern Beach

Southwestern Beach

Southwestern Beach is a coastal stretch for about 5km in Koh Rong in Cambodia. Unlike the other beaches which are very crowded and popular among the tourists, this beach is often empty and calm. It is lined with white sand, palm trees and dense mangrove forests form the land opening to this stretch of lovely Southwestern Beach. If you are visiting Koh Rong and love to get away for a quiet beach day, then it is worth exploring Southwestern Beach.

5. Long Set Beach

Long Set Beach

This beautiful beach on the majestic Koh Rong island is close to the Long Set resort and is approximately 3-4 kms in length. The beach has crystal clear sea waters and tall coconut trees providing shade with plenty of restaurants, beach shacks and bars for a relaxing visit and is hence the party beach of the island. It offers an open view of the enormous sea along with breathtaking views of the sunset over the horizon.

6. Sok San Beach

Sok San Beach

One of the finest and cleanest beaches on the island, Sok San beach is truly a paradise with pristine waters. The salty blue sea waters make for an ideal location to relax and play around in the water. The beach has a few resorts, white sand, lush green trees, handmade wooden plank swings and offers excellent views of glorious sunset skies. There are a few resorts around that have sun chairs by the edge of the beach to sunbathe.

7. Saracen Bay Beach

Saracen Bay Beach

The Saracen Bay Beach is a beautiful small beach with soft white sand and crystal clear waters. The location of this beach is rather low-key and isolated making it less crowded. The water is shallow and ideal for swimming with several dining and drinking options throughout the bay area. Within the lush green landscape of the beach are jungle trails to enjoy a hike through the tropical rainforest and get to beaches on the other side of the island.

8. Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach

Situated at the northern part of Koh Rong Sanloem, approximately 2-3 hours from the coastal city of Sihanoukville, the Lonely beach area is a gorgeous bay with pristine ocean water and clean white sand. Although the location is a little inconvenient, the vibes of the beach are immaculate with abundant palm trees and fantastic views. The beach has small calming waves, a constant cool breeze with very few people at any given time which makes the bay area a hidden gem.

Best time of the year : December to March

9. White Beach

White Beach

Located a few minutes away from the Koh Touch pier, as the name suggests, White Beach is a convenient tourist attraction with delicate soft white sands and crystal blue waters. Despite a sizeable busy location full of resorts, private bungalows, restaurants and bars, the beach area yet manages to retain its integrity as a calming beach with little or no parties. It offers some excellent views of a nearby island along with pretty summer skies.

Best time to visit : mid-November to April

10. Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Situated in the northern area close to Lonely Beach, this beach is filled with tall gorgeous palm trees and tidy white sands. In Spite of offering high-quality resorts and accommodation, the Palm Beach area is seldom crowded due to its hectic journey to the northern end of the island. The beach has pristine blue waters and excellent views of the Song Saa private island.

Best time to visit : December to March

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