Food of Kinnaur

Wheat, Ogla, Phafra, barley, peas, black peas and other similar things come under the common food habits of people in Kinnaur. Non vegetarians eat goat and ram's meat, sipping alcohol in daily routine and occasions is also a common affair here. Your trip to Kinnaur is incomplete if you won't munch in the world famous red apples grown here and drink a glassful of "cha", a salted tea known to refresh the soul.

Here are the top 4 restaurants in Kinnaur:

1. Hotel Mehfil

TBP Road, Kinnaur, India 
INR 100 -200

2. Hotel Srikhand

Distt Shimla, Saharan - 172101, India 
Indian, Bar
INR 150-300

3. Little Chef's Restaurant

Reckong - Peo, Main Bus Stand, Near Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh, India 
INR 150-400

4. Sherma Sweets

INR 50-100

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Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
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