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Reckong Peo, Kinnaur Overview

Reckong Peo also known as Peo is the headquarter of the Kinnaur district and lies in the middle of the Himalayas. Located at a distance of 260 km from Shimla and at a height of 2,300 metres, this serene town is famous for its apple orchards. It is inhabited by Kinnauri people and has a diverse culture even in today's modern era. Some of the other key attractions include the stately deodars, apple orchards and pine trees which enhance the beauty of the place even more. You can easily view the two greatest wonders of the Himalayas, i.e. the Kailash mountain and the Shivaling rock from Reckong Peo.

As per history, Reckong Peo was born on 1st May 1960 and was known as Kinnaura earlier. Between the 9th and 12th century, the district was ruled by the Guge Kingdom of Tibet. It was after the rule that the district was divided into seven parts which were collectively known as Sat Khund. The district was then conquered by Akbar after which it became a part of the Mughal Empire. After the Mughal Empire came to an end, the district came to be known as Chini Tehsil which was an important part in the progress of the region.

Reckong Peo has numerous facilities including medicines, electronic accessories and general stores. There are numerous small hotels present in the main market ranging from INR 300 to INR 500. However, in these hotels, no parking facility is available. There are some resorts present on the way to Kalpa as well. Since tourists preferably stay at Kalpa (13km away from Reckong Peo), fewer resorts are present in Reckong Peo.

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Things To Do in Reckong Peo

Some of the things to do in Reckong Peo include:

Chandika Temple: You can pay a visit to the Chandika Temple which lies at a distance of 3 km from Reckong Peo. The deity of the temple is Chandika. It is a beautiful temple and worth spending time at with family and friends.

Khab: Khab which lies near Reckong Peo at a distance of 2831 m too can be visited with friends and family. Here, at this point, the River Spiti meets River Satluj. It is an admirable place and a little bent from here reaches Tashigang Gompa.

Kalpa: You can also visit Kalpa which is a small village which lies at an elevation of 2960 m in Himachal Pradesh in its Kinnaur district. It lies at a distance of 13 km from Reckong Peo and gives a spectacular view of the scenic beauty. You can get a view of three peaks from here namely Kinner Kailash (6050 m), Jarkanden (6473 m) and Roldang (5499 m).

Reckong Peo Places To Visit

Some famous attractions around Reckong Peo worth visiting include-

1. Bhaba Valley: It is famous for its lush green grass, flowers and thick forests. It acts as a perfect base for trekking to various regions which lie near the valley.

2. Kinnaur Kailash: This mountain range which is situated in Himachal Pradesh lies at an elevation of 6500 meters above sea level and both Hindus as well as Buddhists respect its sanctity.

3. Chango: Chango lies at a distance of 123 km from Reckong Peo. It is very well-known for its excellent quality apples which are grown in its temperature as well as low temperature.

4. Leo: There is an ancient temple dedicated to the local deity Tangtashu in this small village named Leo. It lies at a distance of 105 km from Reckong Peo.

5. Kanam: This small village is worth visiting for its splendid beauty. The Buddhist monastery present which is quite famous and the local deity Dabla-shu.

6. Moorang: Located 33 km away from Reckong Peo it is a beautiful village covered with apricot orchards all over. It has an ancient fort present as well in Moorang which is said to be built by the Pandavas.

7. Ribba: Lying at a distance of 23 km from Reckong Peo, Ribba is known for its orchards, vineyards and Angoori which is the local wine of the place.

8. Pooh: This place is famous for its Buddhist temple which has been dedicated to Sakyamuni/ Lord Buddha.

9. Nako: Nako’s main attractions are the Nako Lake and the monastery present there.

Best Time To Visit Reckong Peo

The summer season in Reckong Peo is very pleasant and has a moderate climate and is considered as the perfect time to visit the place. The winters get too chilly and the maximum temperature reached is 25 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature being 6 degrees Celsius. The ideal months to visit Reckong Peo are March to June and September to December.

How To Reach Reckong Peo

Reckong Pea is connected to all the main parts of Himachal Pradesh via motorable roads. It can easily be reached by hiring a bus/taxi from Shimla. Reckong Peo is situated 219 km away from Shimla, 328 km from Chandigarh and at a distance of 88 km from Rampur.

It can be reached via railways as well as there is a Railway station situated in Chandigarh as well as Shimla from where a bus can be taken forward. Jubbarhatti airport is the nearest airport which is situated at a distance of 240 km from Reckong Peo.

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