What is the best time to visit Jowai?

Jowai being an extremely wet region experiences short summers, comparatively long monsoons and even longer winters. Summers are mild making it the perfect time to visit the place. Monsoons make travelling in this region extremely hard, and the winters are chilling with a minimum temperature of 4 degrees Celcius.

Weather in Jowai


Upcoming Jowai Weather

Monthly Weather in Jowai

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 16°/ 6° 5 days
February 18°/ 8° 2 days
March 22°/ 11° 7 days
April 23°/ 14° 13 days
May 24°/ 16° 28 days
June 24°/ 18° 30 days
July 23°/ 18° 28 days
August 24°/ 18° 29 days
September 23°/ 17° 29 days
October 22°/ 15° 19 days
November 21°/ 12° 4 days
December 18°/ 7° 1 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Jowai

Jowai in Summer (March - May)

Summers starts from March till May. The weather is quite pleasant in Jowai since it is located at a high altitude.This is the ideal time to go to Jowai as the weather is quite nice and it is a perfect way to beat the heat.

Jowai in Winter (November - February)

Winters start to set in by the month of November and continue till February. Jowai faces chilly winters because of higher altitude.These months also increase the footfall of tourists who want to enjoy cold winters.

Jowai in Monsoon (May - October)

The town receives heavy rainfall during monsoons as it is close to places like Mawsynram, which receives heavy rainfall throughout the year. Also, the roads are not ideal for driving till Jowai because of the frequent occurrence of lanslides and floods.

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Jowai, Meghalaya
Nartiang Monoliths
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