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Q. What street food should I try when I'm in Jodhpur?

Kovid Kapoor

5 years ago
Jodhpur street food is generally spicy. You should definitely try the Mirchi Bada, Ma Mawa Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori, with the famous Makhaniya Lassi on the side.
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Q. How many will it take for me to explore all these maharangarh fort, jaswant tada, umaid bhawan palace, khejurla fort, not like just going and viewing it from outside.. But giving some time..

Kovid Kapoor

5 years ago
Just came from there over the weekend. Mehrangarh fort takes time - easily 3 hours if you really want to spend go through the collection in details, and appreciate it completely. Ummaid Bhawan Palace (Read More) takes another 2-3 hours, and I would recommend to visit them both on different days. The rest of the attractions should not take so long. So I would say, please take upto 3 days if you want to really dig deep into all the different attractions of Jodhpur, although 2 days could be sufficient as well.
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Q. What are the reasonable good hotels at jodhpur for an elderly couple.?

Nupur Kapoor

5 years ago
Lots of good hotels in Jaipur. Hotels Suncity, Ratnavati are good options on a tight budget.
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Mister Rajpurohit

4 years ago
Blog is awesome, Mehrangarh Fort is literally superb Place to visit. Do you guys know why Jodhpur is called Blue City?

Deepak Bhati

5 years ago
so true and very helpful, i would like this place to list if mangement consider it worth. Frespresso coffee and food with 3 stores, is leading coffee chain of town in terms of satisfied and loyal cus (Read More)tomers as well. It's bohemian style cafe serves variety of coffee and food cuisine from all around the world. The menu has more than 90 choice for food and beverage to satisfy every thirst and hunger. Frespresso Coffee & Food is not just about Coffee,..... its a attraction provide the view of local market and view of clock tower at the same time you can sip your coffee in coziness. Our other two stores located @ 1. sardarpura and 2. circuit house.

Kovid Kapoor

5 years ago
- This is an extremely sunny city. Sun screen is a must! Also keep hats, glasses and umbrellas handy. Avoid taking food, etc from seemingly friendly locals as many instances of locals and tourists ge (Read More)tting drugged and looted have surfaced.

Anandu Pavanan

on Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park 5 years ago
Personally I felt this rock park as india's yellow stone national park.The peacefull ambience you get from here is beyond my words.For nature lovers this is one of the must do.For birdwatchers ,the s (Read More)tage is yours.I prefer a solo trip ,through this well maintained park,following map trails in the backdrop of the majestic mehrengarh fort.

Aditya Malviya

5 years ago
Every journey gives us great motivation and feel ourself joyfully. Rejoicing manner and with huge self-confidence mannering...

sukhnani jayant

on Machia Biological Park 5 years ago
today I visited Machia safari Park, it is requested that Jodhpur is suncity so there is very hot in summer. Kindly change the time of visiting from 7 AM with all staff on duty because today I purchas (Read More)ed ticket at 08.24 Hrs and the get to animals and birds was closed upto 08.30Hrs, Battery car was not available that time.

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