What is the best time to visit Jalpaiguri?

October to March
Jalpaiguri can be visited any time through the year, however the best time is October to March. Some visitors prefer visiting the town during the festive season, as the enthusiasm, excitement and unity of the ton is worth seeing then. During November and December, exclusive tourism festival called Teesta Tea and Tourism fest are celebrated, it is a great time to visit the city as these festivals are real fun to be a part of, there are multiple activities, water sports, cultural events happening, it is like the whole of Kolkata has come together at one place to extend a warm welcome to its tourists. In the months of February and March, the town celebrates Jalpesh Mela on the occasion of Shivratri with grand festivity.

Weather in Jalpaiguri


Upcoming Jalpaiguri Weather

Monthly Weather in Jalpaiguri

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 4 23
February 4 25
March 10 26
April 17 29
May 14 30
June 11 31
July 17 30
August 18 32
September 17 29
October 11 30
November 7 27
December 6 25

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