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Museum Sumpah Pemuda, Jakarta Overview

Museum of Sumpah Pemuda or the Museum of Youth Pledges is a historic museum located in Central Jakarta. It was built to commemorate the Independence of Indonesia, specifically the history of the 1928 Youth Pledge and the national youth movement. Visitors will find a fascinating collection, ranging from photographs to statues about the contribution of the youth of Indonesia during independence.

A historic monument located in central Jakarta, the Sumpah Pemuda Museum is a symbol of the involvement of the youth in Indonesia’s Independence movement. Originally a dormitory for students, this museum building became a hub for the pemuda (youth) to begin the nationalist movement that finally led to Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch.

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What to See in the Museum

The Museum has a rich history in terms of its contribution to the Youth Pledge. The Kramat 106 Building was the main site of the movement and was where the historic Second Youth Congress meeting took place in October 1928. There is a pavilion outside the main building, both of which house various displays.

Some of the collectables in the museum are, photographs of the youth organization, the organizational flags, stamps, dioramas, statues of the youth figures which are more than ten, different scouting equipment, paintings, a single violin on which the national anthem was first played, jackets and marble carvings. There are also manuscript statements and many documents, bulletins and articles that detail the Independence struggle.

There are different rooms that have on display the various objects and artefacts. There is an introduction room, then the early growth of the youth organization room, the First Indonesian Youth Congress Room, the Second Indonesian Youth Congress room, the Young Indonesian room and the PPPI Room. Each of these rooms has objects and documents related to the events. Besides, there are thematic spaces located in the pavilion area with collections of youth activities through 1945, 1966 and 1998.

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