Shahpura Haveli, Jaipur Overview

Originally built as a vantage point nearly 300 years ago, Shahpura Haveli was later converted into a magnificent fortress. The palace has now been converted into a heritage home which boasts of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. It is frequented by celebrities, politicians and other popular artists. Ever since its establishment as a resort, the structure has undergone several transformations and additions that make it one of the sought-after luxury hotels in India.

Shahpura Haveli is a 300-year-old structure located in Shahpura. It was known as the residential complex of the Shekhawats, a clan that was discovered in the 14th century. Shahpura was founded by Raja Shekha and was initially known as Manoharpur, a chief seat of the Shekhawat clan of the Rajputs. In the early 1700s, Shekhawati King, Maharaja Lachchman Singh granted the area of Shahpur to his son and his successor, Kunwar Prithviraj Singh. With time, and to maintain the historical importance of the haveli, in the early 1800s, it was transformed into a Heritage Hotel. 

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The Architecture of Shahpura Haveli, Jaipur

Shahpura Haveli bears a traditional Rajasthani style of architecture with arched porticos, chhatris, and carved pillars. The entrance is grand and has a huge wooden chest. A little distance away is the 300-year-old, three-storey palace with ancient frescoes, a patio on each level and courtyards in increasing heights. The Haveli is surrounded by landscaped gardens and has a pathway leading straight to the entrance. Inside the palace, the regal ambience, still intact, has marble flooring with luxurious carpets, murals with floral motifs, forests and hunting scenes, antique furniture etc. Behind the palace is a dilapidated fort which is often visited to get a view of the Shahpura Haveli and the valley. It is said that an underground tunnel connected the fort and the Haveli that was used by the king during emergency situations.

Accommodation and Facilities at Shahpura Haveli

The rooms at Shahpura Haveli have a mix of the Rajasthani culture and modernism. They are designed for an elegant stay and assure comfort to all their guests. Each room has cabinets, poster beds, attached baths, a lounge area and a private courtyard. The room décor consists of luxurious upholstery, delicate drapes, warm lights and elegant lampshades that create a calm and soothing ambience for the guests.

At the Shahpura Haveli, guests can enjoy amenities like 24x7 front desk, airport pickup and drop, currency exchange, city tours, room service, baggage storage, lockers, dry cleaning, laundry service, ironing, daily housekeeping, air-conditioners, geysers, Wi-Fi and free parking.

The hotel also has two restaurants for fine dining where they essentially serve Rajasthani Cuisine, but also other Asian and European dishes. Shahpura Haveli also houses an impressive collection of wines in their wine cellar. Guests can choose their wine and relish it to their heart’s content here. The staff is experienced, professional, polite and can accommodate any request made in advance to ensure they have a great time.

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