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Timings : 5:30 PM–11 PM

Time Required : 2 - 3 hours

Entry Fee for Choki Dhani Jaipur : Traditional Rajasthani Dining
Adult: INR 750
Child: INR 450 (2.5 feet up to 3.5 feet)

AC Royal Rajasthani Dining
Adult: INR 950
Child: INR 500

Multicuisine Buffet in Choupal
Adult: INR 1200
Child: INR 800

Suites for hotel bookings - INR 11,999 onwards for two nights

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Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur Overview

Chokhi Dhani is a luxury heritage resort synonymous with Rajasthani village culture. It is located a little on the outskirts of the city on Tonk Road. The concept of the village is to give you a tangible feel of rural Rajasthan. It is a true depiction of traditional Rajasthan with ancient artefacts, handicrafts, paintings, folklore and sculptures. The village offers myriad entertainment options- folk dances, singing, camel rides, puppet shows, fortune-tellers, acrobatics, predicting parrots, magic shows, horse riding. etc. It is also known for its traditional Rajasthani food served with a dollop of clarified butter!

This resort comprises a series of rebuilt village huts with cow dung plasters and decorative wall art. The architecture is deeply inspired by the Indo- Saracenic style. Managed under the chairmanship of Mr Gul Vaswani and Director Mr Subhash Vaswani, this place is a reflection of indigenous Rajasthani traditions. Mini village fairs held here attract a lot of tourist attention with colourful art and clothes.

It was established in 1989 and has been serving local and international tourists since 1994. It has machines & different platforms for performing artists. It also holds mini-village fairs occasionally. Alongside, it is also a 5-star luxury hotel with Royal Cottages, Cottage Rooms and Haveli Suits for tourists to choose from, based on their needs. The resort has a royal décor with ancient relics, vintage furnishings and gives the luxurious look and feel of olden day Rajasthan. It was established in 1989 and has been serving International and Local tourists since 1994.

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Sightseeing inside Choki Dhani

1. Relive the Haldighati Battle: The Haldighati Ka Yudh was an epic battle fought in Rajasthan between the Mughal and Rajput dynasties, with the Rajput dynasty emerging victorious. Here, you can relive the memories of the battle through the enactment of this battle through the play which takes one through an emotional ride.

2. Traditional folk dance performance: Rajasthani Folk dances are worth enjoying, especially when they are experienced at Choki Dhani. Some popular dance forms performed here are Kalbeliya, Ghoomar and the Chari Dance, which is famous for its unique balancing of pots on heads while dancing.

3. Puppet Show: This place also conducts various puppet shows in its vicinity. This is held in evenings, just before the fair begins. These skilled puppeteers tell enthralling tales of Rajasthani princesses and kings.

4. Magic Show: Magic shows here are mixture Sleight of Hand, hypnotism, and nature-defying illusions, magicians here will amaze you with their spectacular tricks.

5. Animal Rides: You can take your pick from camels, bullocks and tonga rides. Out of camel ride is the best one to admire the place due to its slow pace. These rides can provide proper relief and relaxation.

6. Chaupal: Thali meals have been a key component of the dining experience in Rajasthani cuisine. Chaupal literally means 'Hub' and is a traditional sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional Rajasthani meal. Eating here is a must-do experience when visiting Choki Dhani.

7. Shopping: Kalagram is a social initiative with the aim of promoting local artisans who make handicrafts. Shops here stock collections of decor, paintings, and accessories. Moreover, items won't even burn your wallet.

8. National Museum at Choki Dhani: The National Museum here displays the culture and heritage of every state in India, through which one can go through the vibrant traditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal etc.


1. Bindola Restaurant: This round-shaped restaurant has interiors lined with Rajasthani Mandana wall paintings, roof lanterns, and an intricately-carved wooden ceiling. The entire ambiance is aimed at giving you a folksy feel with various cuisines ranging from Indian to Continental.

2. Aragosta Restaurant: The Aragosta Restaurant, which when translated literally means "please eat", is a multi-cuisine Restaurant at Choki Dhani. It is one of the largest restaurants in Choki Dhani, with massive building and beautiful interiors.

3. Kesar Kyari barbeque: It is an outdoor restaurant with outdoor seating arrangements and opens in the evening and offers some lip-smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The outdoor seating, with a view of nearby villages, makes this place perfect of private parties and villages. This place is famous for commendable barbeque dishes.

Few other places include Sangri Dining Hall serves food on the relishing leaf platter, upon which you can enjoy authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Open air dining at Gorbandh, which is popular for Rajasthani snacks and delicacies. The cost for Village Thali Food is INR 700 and that for Resort Buffet Food is INR 1100.

Guest Packages

Few of the best packages include Standard Cottage, Executive Cottage, Royal Cottage and Suite, Mini Suite, Haveli Suite, Family Royal Suite, Dola Maru Suite.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit the place is from October to March according to the pleasant weather conditions.

Choki Dhani is a modern day version of Rural Rajasthan with the village offering numerous entertainment options including Folk-Lore, dances, tarot card readers, parrot predicting, different rides, puppet shows with Royal Accommodation. It is also a 5-star luxury hotel with royal cottages and haveli type suits. The staff here is warm and friendly providing services on the door. Executive venue and resort amenities of this place are commendable with the ancient decor, tasty food, vintage furnishings, and luxurious plus colourful infrastructure will amaze you by giving old days rural feels and makes Choki Dhani perfect for short trips and family outings.

How To Reach Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

The destination is located on the outskirts of the city. You can reach the place by airways, roadways as well as railways. However, roadways are considered the most affordable and convenient for most of people. You can reach the place by a city or private cabs. City Cabs usually charge around INR 1,200 for a to-and-fro trip from the Jaipur city. Choki Dhani also runs its own fleet of taxis called the Rajputana Cabs that charges INR 900 for a round trip of a sedan and INR 1500 for an SUV.

Alternatively, you can hire a private taxi from Jaipur bus station for which prices will have to be fixed in advance.

By Air: Nearest airport to the destination is Jaipur International Airport. From here one can take a cab or any sort of private vehicle to cover the distance of 11.7 km which will take 23 minutes.

By Railway: Nearest Railway station is Jaipur Central Railway station, from where one can take up a ride to the destination to cover the distance of 20 km which will take 24 minutes.

By Bus: One can easily take up a bus to Jaipur which will stop at the main bus stop at Jaipur Bus Stand at Jawahar Nagar Marg. Further, it is possible to reach the place via any sort of public transport in 27 minutes by covering a distance of 19.4 km.

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Chokhi Dhani Reviews

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Anjali Vij

on Chokhi Dhani 5 years ago
Choki Dhani Resort, located in the outskirts of Jaipur, is a must visit for a wonderful experience. The place provides an authentic Rajasthani village culture in the from of its architectural design (Read More)and execution. Individuals are welcomed inside through a little aarti and tikka. The place offers a variety of local attractions that could be found in a village in Rajasthan: puppeteers, palm readers, bird readers, magician, and performances such as the famous Rajasthani ghumar dances alongside fire shows. It also offers short animal rides on horses, camels, elephants and bulls. It also has a small cave built in it and one can also play games that are available at a fair. The food is also a typical Rajasthani thali, served in a Rajasthani setup. The overall experience is satisfyingly worth it.

Prathana Makker

on Chokhi Dhani 6 years ago
It is a beautiful place to go with family and friends. I had a good time here. The overall experience was good.. so many activities to do. Games were fun to play.

Prathana Makker

on Chokhi Dhani 6 years ago
It is a beautiful place to go with family and friends. I had a good time here. The overall experience was ?? so many activities to do. Games were fun to play.

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