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What is the best time to visit Jageshwar?

April to June, September to November are the best months to visit Jageshwar. The spring and early monsoons are the best time to visit Jageshwar, merely for the pleasant day and night weather, which are favourable for the extensive travelling around the area for sightseeing and further exploration. The two popular festivals of the chief deity Shiva are also held during the same seasons. The Shivratri Mela takes place during the spring, while the Jageshwar Festival, in monsoons, is a vibrant affair, attracting visitors and natives alike.

Weather in Jageshwar


Upcoming Jageshwar Weather

Monthly Weather in Jageshwar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 11°/ -1° 4 days
February 15°/ -0° 3 days
March 18°/ 2° 8 days
April 22°/ 6° 6 days
May 27°/ 12° 2 days
June 28°/ 14° 14 days
July 23°/ 14° 30 days
August 22°/ 15° 31 days
September 21°/ 14° 28 days
October 21°/ 8° 6 days
November 19°/ 5° 1 days
December 14°/ -1° 0 days

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Jageshwar in Summer (April - July)

Summer season in Jageshwar begins from April and continues till June. The temperature during this time of the year ranges between 20°C to 25°C with extremely pleasant weather. This time is perfect to pay a visit to the pristine temples in Jageshwar. Built in the 9th century, all the temples are beautifully constructed and are marvels to look at. The perfect weather combined with the grand architecture of these numerous temples makes exploring and walking amidst them a real treat. You will simply be mesmerized and awestruck by not only the ancient temples but also the panoramic views that this place proffers. It is during this time of the year that the beautiful and colourful Shivratri Mela takes place. This festival is a dedication to Lord Shiva and is celebrated with a lot of zest and joy. The whole place looks spellbinding drowned in festivities and piousness. The temples are decorated with colourful flowers and lights that make them look even more pristine and serene. A trip to Jageshwar during this time of the year will undoubtedly prove to be a fruitful and refreshing experience.
Jageshwar temple on a summer afternoon

Jageshwar in Monsoon (August - October)

The monsoon season is also a great time of the year to take a trip to Jageshwar. This season begins from July and continues till September. The weather during this time of the year is extremely pleasing, and the breeze that accompanies the rain makes the whole place look even more beautiful. The month of September is the best month amidst the monsoon season to take a trip to Jageshwar. The temples look picturesque because of the glistening water that gives them the extra shine and makes them look even more pristine. The trees surrounding the temples looks lush green enhancing the beauty of the whole place tenfold. The monsoon season is also perfect to take a trip to Jageshwar because of the famous Jageshwar festival that is celebrated during this time. This festival is not only popular amongst natives but travellers too. A large number of people travel to Jageshwar during this time of the year to witness the whole place getting drenched in colours and joys. Hence, a trip to Jageshwar during this time of the year will be a delightful and fulfilling experience.
Jageshwar in monsoon

Jageshwar in Winter (December - February)

Jageshwar experiences extremely chilly winter season that begins from October and continues till March. The temperature during this period varies between 15°C to -3°C. The first two months of this season are perfect to take a trip to Jageshwar because of the pleasant and cold weather. The temples look extremely beautiful, and the breezy weather makes it easier and fun to look closely at the splendid architecture of these ancient holy shrines. Apart from December to February which experiences extremely freezing weather conditions, the rest of the months are perfect to plan a trip to Jageshwar. These months are a great time to indulge in lazy strolls and explore this mesmerising hill station.
Jageshwar in the winters

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