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"Soak-in Sun & fun at Croatia's Party Island"

Hvar Island Tourism

Laid-back Mediterranean vibe, fascinating turquoise coves, thriving nightlife, pristine beaches, aromatic fields of lavender and olives, and arresting views of authentic Croatian towns and villages- that's how the popular posh party island of Hvar presents itself to its visitors. This sunkissed island in Croatia is a paradise for party lovers, and witnesses a throbbing crowd of tourists from all over the world, especially during Summers.

The queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands', Hvar has a special place among all the other Croatian tourism highlights. What makes it stand different from the rest is the unique experiences this majestic island has to offer. Hvar is popular due to its mild climate throughout the year, and a little more for its exuberant parties. The island boasts of rich Mediterranean flora and fauna, exceptionally great beaches and bays, and interesting cultural and historic heritage. The island has most of its life trapped in the Hvar town, Stari Grad and Jelsa. Apart from that, you can also visit some old traditional villages to understand the local life, visit one of many vineyards on the island, and taste some of the greatest wines made in Croatia.

Things to do in Hvar Island

1. Fall in love with the town

Fall in love with the town
The 'Town' is the lifeline of Hvar Island, and that's where you are more likely to spend most of your time at during your trip to the island.

2. A date with sand and sea

A date with sand and sea
Hvar island has an amazing range of stunning beaches throughout. Time to take out those sunnies, get into a bathing suit and soak-in the Dalmatian Sun.

3. Day trip to Pakleni Islands

Day trip to Pakleni Islands
Your visit to Hvar is incomplete if you don't take a day trip to the neighboring Pakleni or Paklinski Islands. Known as the emrald jewels, this clusture of wooded isles is definitely going to win all (Read More)your attention.

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More on Hvar Island

The historic face of Hvar Town

The usual idea one gets about the town is that it is a party junction loaded with clubs, bars, restaurants, and fancy hotels. But that's not the end to it. The town has successfully preserved the historic beauty dating centuries back. The city centre is fully of old facades, and you will find a lot of monuments and buildings which take you to a timeless journey. The top most places for sightseeing in Hvar town include the Hvar Fortica, Franciscan Monastery, St. Stephen's Square, Benedictine Convent, Historic Theatre and Episcopal Museum.

Lose yourself in the beauty of Lavender fields

As much Hvar is known for sunshine in abundance, it also holds importance for its aromatic lavender fields. Lavender has been an inseparable part of Hvar, and it just doubles the beauty of the island. Visualize far-stretched farms with a blanket of pale purple blooms of lavender, spreading a sweet scent all around, vast blue sky over your head and white stones to finely finish the composition. Lavender fields are at full bloom in June and July, and what makes this season more special is the Lavender festival celebrated in Velo Grablje in late June.

Language of Hvar Island

Being a tourist junction, Hvar Island's residents have a decent knowledge of English, thus communication doesn't seem to be a barrier here.

Nightlife in Hvar Island

Nightlife mostly revolves around the exuberant Hvar town, a town which seems to never sleep. Most night clubs remain open all night long, and you can also hit one of the beach parties even during the day time. You will also find a number of bars in Jelsa. Rest of the island remains quiet at night. Some of the best and most popular places to check out for a lively night scene are Carpe Diem, Veneranda, Hula Hula, and Kiva Bar.

Shopping in Hvar Island

Shopping in Hvar Island in terms of fashion is limited to a few shops, most of them located in the town. Local souvenirs to look out for in Hvar are fruit and herb liquors, olive oil, lavender products, dried figs, honey, and lemon and fig marmalade. You can find products at a cheaper rate at Green Market in Hvar Town. Visit any vineyard on the island to taste or buy one of the best wines of Croatia in Hvar.

Best Time to Visit Hvar Island

How to Reach Hvar Island

How to Reach Overview

There are two ways to get to the island: take a flight, or choose from many boat options from nearby coastal towns.

How to reach Hvar Island by flight

Hvar Island does not have any international airport of its own. The closest local and international airports are in the mainland, in Split, Dubrovnik, and Brac. If you wish to reach fly down to Hvar you can board on a seaplane, services offered by European Coastal Airlines.

How to reach Hvar Island by waterways

Many options are available to reach Hvar, such as ferries, catamarans and yachts from the town of Split. You can also get your rented car transferred to the island trough ferries.

Local transport in Hvar Island

There are a few bus connections around the island which mainly connect Starigrad, Jelsa and Hvar town. However the best way to commute and explore the island would be to rent a car, scooter or a moped from local rental service providers. You can also hire taxis from the ferry port but they are surely going to charge inadequately a lot. Another way to measure the waters around is to hire a water boat through UberBoat.

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FAQs on Hvar Island

What is famous about Hvar island?

Exhilarating nightlife, pleasant weather throughout the year, lavender fields, rich gastronomy

What is not so good about Hvar island?

Extremely crowdy during peak months, expensive, limited local interaction during high season

What is the best time to visit Hvar island?

Hvar enjoys a pleasant weather year long, being one of the sunniest places in Europe. However, tourists love the island most during summer days. The peak season starts in July leading upto early September, making these months the best time to visit Hvar if you have fun-filled parties and playful beach visits on your mind. The shoulder season on the other hand, during the months of May, June, September and early October lets you enjoy the warm temperatures without crowds making your vacation a lot more relaxed.
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What is the local food in Hvar island?

Hvar being surrounded by the ocean, is a paradise for seafood lovers. Some dishes worth trying here are gregada fish stew, seafood pastas, gnocchi, fresh grilled calamari, and octopus dishes. A few restaurants that you must definitely visit on the trip are Mocondo, Konoba Menego, Fig Cafe Bar, Dalmatino, The golden shell, and Antika. Wine turns out to be a must-have on your list, particularly made in local vineyards. Being a hot tourist spot, food in Hvar is expensive as compared to other towns in Croatia, but certainly worth the money.
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What is the best way to reach Hvar island?

There are two ways to get to the island: take a flight, or choose from many boat options from nearby coastal towns.
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What are the places near Hvar island?

The top places near to Hvar island are Split which is 42 km from Hvar island, Makarska which is located 33 km from Hvar island, Rome which is located 367 km from Hvar island, Zadar which is located 156 km from Hvar island, Santorini which is located 338 km from Hvar island

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