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Vagator Beach, Goa Overview

If you are on the lookout for some revitalising beach holiday destinations in North Goa, the Vagator beach is just the place for you. The northernmost beach of Bardez Taluka, the Vagator beach is 21 kilometres from Panaji and is characterised by a combination of its soft white sands and imposing but beautiful rocky cliffs. The beach is divided into two major parts, namely Little Vagator, also known as Ozran Beach, and Big Vagator. While the sweeping view of the sea from the Vagator cliff is undoubtedly stunning, tourists also flock to Vagator for its myriad dining options and an overall upbeat vibe at the beach shacks and parties.

Vagator has recently gained a place of preference in the hearts of tourists and travellers for its cuisine culture. One of the most famous places to be at is, of course, Thalassa - a quaint and artistic greek themed beach restaurant with beach seating and stunning gourmet adventures. Moreover, there are various other gourmet places serving up some quality local and international food such as Villa Blanche Bistro, Antares Beach Restaurant, and Fusion Restaurant.

The culture of Vagator is largely defined by its local art, music and nightlife; all of which you need to experience when you visit the beach. The Vagator Beach has no doubt a charm of its own that attracts people from all over the world and guarantees a day full of fun, frenzy, and an unforgettable rendezvous with the waves!

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Who Should Visit Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach Shacks and Nightlife

Night time shows an entirely distinctive and changed side of the usually serene and quiet Vagator beach. At the sun sets, the place comes to life with dance and music. There are some places, such as Nine Bar, Hilltop and Primrose that cater to the dance crowd during the tourist season and entertain them with their different types of trance music from DJs around the world. These, and other venues like Mezcal restaurant, Mango Tree Bar & Restaurant and Disco Valley, are open till the wee hours and are the ideal places to enjoy and groove to the beats the entire night.

Vagator Beach

The Vagator beach is broken up into two parts by a headland. If one stands on this headland facing the sea, the beach on the right is the Big Vagator Beach or North Vagator Beach; while the one on the left is the Ozran beach, which is commonly known as Little Vagator beach.

The Vagator beach houses some dramatic cliffs along with two fresh water springs. Entire beach is dotted with huge black rocks as well as palm and coconut trees. The sight of the sunset over the rocks is an awe-inspiring sight. This is also one of the rare beaches to have a rocky as well as a sandy surface, which means that you can choose to either sit on the rocks and admire the sweeping views or take a relaxing walk through the soft sandy shores.

Things To Do at Vagator Beach

The opportunities to have fun and enjoy at the Vagator beach are simply endless. You can choose from the diverse activities offered and have a good time with your friends or loved ones.

1. Water sports: Visitors can take pleasure in adventure activities here such as parasailing, dolphin sighting tours and Jet Ski motor rides. Swimming is also an option, but you should enter into the waters only if you are confident since there are no lifeguards around. Travellers can also trek to the top of the Chapora fort and enjoying the scenic beauty of Vagator and Morjim beaches.

2. Leisure activities:  If you are a traveller who likes a more relaxed vibe, you can always pick a shack by the beach and relax with a book or shop at the number of roadside stores. Vagator also has a host of Indian and Mediterranean cafes that serve a variety of foods and drinks in a truly picturesque ambience. 

Stay Near Vagator Beach

Tourists can choose from luxury hotels, budget hotels and guest houses, depending on their needs, preferences, and budgets. Favorite hotels and resorts here include The Orange House, La Gulls Court, Jolly Jolly Lester, Casa Vagator, Omega Beach Resort, Ozran Heights Beach Resort, Leoney Resort and Goan Clove. Apart from this, one can also find accommodation at the various upcoming hostels and homestays at Vagator Beach.

Best Time To Visit Vagator Beach

Even though you can practically visit the Vagator Beach throughout the year, November to February is the most favourable time because the climate during these months is breezy and enjoyable. At other occasions during the year, the beach remains unusually hot and humid.

How To Reach Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is located in North Goa and is approximately 21 km away from Panaji, the capital of Goa, and 9 kilometres away from Mapusa. While ordinary taxis and bike taxis are quite popular in Goa, many travellers prefer renting a bike through the number of roadside vendors as well as authorized travel agents. The per day cost of renting a bike can be anywhere between INR 350 - 600 . Moreover, there are a number of local buses originating from Panaji and Mapusa that can drop you at Vagator. The fares for these vary between INR 15 - 50.

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Antara Mandal 2 years ago
It's a great place because of its neatness and the nearby resorts. It is a great place to spend your weekend. There are many nice places to hangout in that region like Casa Playa and Thalassa. The sunset views are absolutely gorgeous. The beach also has options for water sports. I went for paragliding and it was one of my most adventurous experiences. It is a quiet a place. I would recommend it over Calangute, Baga and Anjuna.

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