Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

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Time Required : 6 - 7 Hours to Trek

Entry Fee : Entry Fee: Nominal Charge INR 20
Still Camera: INR 300
Professional Camera: INR 5000

"The Flowing Cascade of Milk"

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa Overview

Dudhsagar falls in Goa are a pleasant change in landscape for a destination that is known for its sunny beaches and inviting waves. The majestic falls are a little farther inland approximately 60 km from Panaji on the Goa - Karnataka Border. As these falls are located inside the Mollem National Park, their vistas of green and verdant forest lands are unparalleled.
Cascading from the mighty peaks of the Western Ghats, these are among the highest waterfalls in the country and one of the hundred highest waterfalls in the world. The falls are divided into four tiers on the Mandovi river and resemble a heavy rush of milk flowing effortlessly down the hill.

While most people arrive at the Dudhsagar falls by jeep or by their own private transport from Panaji and nearby areas, others choose visiting the falls through a train journey or by trekking. No matter which way you choose, the whooshing noise of the water hitting the rocks,  the cold breeze, and endless flows of the whitewashed falls are sure to captivate you.

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Best Time To Visit Dudhsagar Falls

During monsoon or soon after monsoon is the best period to visit the falls, as they are in their most rebellious phase of flow and in full verve. However, be careful while choosing the trekking routes to Dudhsagar Falls during this season as the area can become quite slippery along with the added hazard of the river swelling up. Please note that while the beauty around the falls is still glorious in the summers, the falls themselves may not appear in their full strengths. Therefore, its best to avoid visiting the falls in the summers.

Dudhsagar Falls Trek

One of the most thrilling trek trails starts from the village of Kuveshi. Unlike the other trek routes, this one takes you through the jungle and undulating slopes. The difficulty level is moderate and the vistas more than make up for the longer trail. However, it is not ideal to undertake this trek in the months of monsoon as the Mandovi river, over which the trail crosses, can get quite rough and swollen during the monsoon months. Another trekking route starts at the Kulhem/Collem railway station and stretches for about 11km. The difficulty level on this one is easy. However, one that is most preferred by tourists is the trekking trail that starts at Castle Rock station in Karnataka. This trek spans about 14km of rough terrain and follows the railway tracks. It is also recommended that you carry adequate food and water during the trek as there are no stalls or shops along the route.

Suggested Itinerary For Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar is best seen while on a longer trip to Goa between your time at the beach and the green and serene nature. If you manage to keep an entire day for the area, do visit the Devil's canyon, Tambdi Surla Temple and Bondla wildlife sanctuary. You can also hop on to one of the trains that pass the route. However, reportedly, there are only two trains that stop at Dudhsagar Falls, these ply on the Hubli - Vijaywada route and are collectively called Amravati Express.

Sightseeing Around Dudhsagar Falls

While here, one must try and visit the Devil's canyon, Tambdi Surla Temple, and Bondla wildlife sanctuary. If you are genuinely interested in plants, visiting the Dudhsagar plantation and farms and getting briefed about the crops, cropping pattern, walking around and spotting several new species could also be an enriching experience.

Accomodation Near Dudhsagar Falls

Tips For Visiting Dudhsagar Falls

  1.  Although few hours at the waterfalls would be enough, it is suggested that you spare a day and travel by train. The journey is worth your time. 
  2. Carry mosquito repellants if you intend to stay near the falls overnight.
  3. Do not dive into water at the Devil's canyon as it is deemed tremendously unsafe.
  4. Prior permission maybe needed if you are planning to set up a camp near the falls as they fall under the Mollem National Park boundaries.
  5. Please keep the area and surroundings clean and do not litter as it is a protected forest area.

How to reach Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls can be easily reached by train as well as by road. You can also travel to the falls via Jeeps that can drop you at the falls. However, the rates for them may vary drastically according to the season.

  • Air: Panaji airport is the nearest airport to Dudhsagar, it is 60kms away from the waterfalls. Taxies and buses are available for commutation.

  • Rail: Though there is a station called the Dudhsagar, no trains formally halt here. They stop for a minute to check with their technicalities, breaks etc as what follows is a high slope. The nearest station is Collem, taxies are available from there to the waterfalls which is at a distance of hardly 6kms. The train journey is most preferred due to the marvelous sight it offers to its passengers.

  • Road: The NH4A highway leads to Dudhsagar. There are buses run by Goa tourism, Dudhsagar makes a prominent stop in the ternary. Other than this, private tour operators also run buses following specific or demanded itinerary covering fixed spots, of which Dudhsagar is one. Jeeps can be driven through the base of the water falls but only in the months from January to May as the water is low then.

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neha shah 1 year ago
It was an excellent trip with sea water sports, Dudh Sagar waterfall visit was one of the best memorable trips of my life. The natural beauty and white (milk) waterfall were the best. It was an awesome experience. Thank u sea water sports.
minakshi bane 1 year ago
Dudhsagar is a very beautiful place where we can see different weather and its overall best view to see with your loved ones. This is really wonderful, I love to visit this place.I enjoy a dudhsagar water fall trip with sea water sports.

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Q. we are planning to visit Dudhsagar Falls Via., Castle Rock in June 2nd Week, is it right time to visit the same? please guide me.

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