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Devyani Chandra 2 years ago
- Carry heavy mountaineering shoes, the terrain does not allow for normal sports gear.
- Pack lots of dry foodstuff, or if not a whole lot of it, then at least enough to last you till Bhujwasa, the half trek pitstop.
- Carry water, and your usual medical supplies, especially hydrating solutions like ORS etc. since the trek is short, but very tiring in its own self.
- Travel light, avoid too much clothing or unnecessary baggage, since you have to carry it all along the trek itself.

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Q. Is it allowed to do a solo trek from Gaumukh to Tapovan with out any guide or porter...?

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Q. How many days does the Gaumukh Trek take? Are there any local trek organizers?

Sudhir Gaur 9 months ago
Starting from gangotri its 18kms.. if you want so it can be easily covered in one day but u can also stay in chirbhasa which is 4kms from gangotri(just incase you are coming out of any other trek) ... keep your tents and food ready because you wouldn't find any resturants or hotels there.. even your phone will not work.. make sure u know the bitter truths of going into a glaciers.. so be ready for amazing experience.. the beginners may go with NIMS based in Uttarkashi.. they are the best..

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