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Just 2 km from Ella city, perched at an altitude of 82 feet is the Ravana cave, and Ravana falls. The history of Sri Lanka dates back to over 2000 years and it finds itself in the iconic Ramayana. It is believed that Ravana was a fervent Sri Lankan by origin and stood as a villain in the lives of duo Ram – Sita. He captured Sita and kept her hostage in his custody in the famous, Ravana caves and the Ravana falls. Landscapes around the Ravana falls comprises of slopes, valleys, hills and streams that ornament the rocks.

Historic connotations of this marvel date back as old as 25,000 years. The falls are beautiful; there is vegetation in the form of greenery, tall deciduous trees and twigs sprouting from the crevices of the rock. The walls of the falls are coarse but relaxed at the same time to give the feeling of a polished sun-kissed stone. The water pours down at high velocity and makes a sweet thud as it hits the pools of water. The breeze is another factor that adds to its beauty. In the evenings the breeze is at full swing, that the roar of the wind competes with the sound of the gushing waters. You can soak yourself in the waters that held Sita as she bathed in them during her time in Lanka. The cave is known for one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is bounded by a thick blanket of forests and are perfect for a swim.

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History of Ravana Falls

Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, was a mighty warrior. His strength and powers of sorcery alone were believed to be sufficient to outthrow any current technology and armaments. The reasons to why he wanted to capture Ram’s lover, Sita are as follows – as revenge the humiliation that his sister, Surpanakha underwent that lead to the cutting of her nose; to marry Sita, the most beautiful woman whom he set his eyes and heart upon; to avenge the killing of his grandmother Tataka by Ram and Laxman. Thus he kidnapped Sita from Ayodhya and held her captive in the cave behind the falls. Sita bathed in the milky waters gushing from the falls amidst the wilderness, every day until Ram came to save her. Ravana created a beautiful garden of colourful florals around the pool to please Sita, and this is the story behind the underlying beauty of Ravana falls.

Best Time to Visit Ravana Halls

The climate is pleasant during January - May; the temperatures vary between 20°C and 25°C. April is the warmest, February is the coolest and October is the wettest month. However, the conditions are always favourable to welcome tourists; the ambience is dewy and foggy during the more significant part of the day. The altitude makes for a comfortable stay in Ella and a remarkable trek to Ella rock. Ravana cave and falls.

Fauna and Flora of Ravana Falls

The mountainous regions of Ella see forests that are thick enough to form clouds of green - cloud and pygmy forests and grasslands. There are tea plantations too, on the trek from Ella to Ravana falls. The overall fauna of Sri Lanka includes 86 species of mammals, 83 species of snake, 54 species of fish and five endangered species of marine turtles. The green belts have insect and plant varieties that are a speciality of Ella. The flora consists of orchids, hardwood trees of ebony, teak and Silkwood, medicinal plants used in Ayurveda.

Tips to Travel to Ravana falls

Local buses are frequent to Ella and cost as cheap as LKR 25. Since the city is situated on an elevation, fog is present until 10 AM in the mornings. The paths are rocky, which makes for a good trekking session; wear comfortable shoes and carry water as there are no places to shop amid the forests. It is recommended to start the trek at 5 AM as the weather is peaceful and you will also get a chance to have brekkie overlooking the sunrise. The route of the trek will include a 1.5 km long railway track, Buddhist statues, Kithaella Train Station, tea plantations and the Little Adam’s peak.

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