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Entry Fee : 100 LKR for locals. 250 LKR for foreigners.

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Ravana Caves, Ella Overview

The Ravana caves are located 2 km away from the Ella town on the foundation of a cliff and are said to be about 4000 years old. One can take a car up on the hill till one reaches the Ravana Ella temple (which is 2500 years old), and from there it is a trek of 800 steps till the Ravana caves. In between, one can find a small tea stall where you can enjoy some refreshing tea amidst the pleasant breeze of the hill or take some rest there. There are some cemented steps and some made of rocks and tree roots, and one can see many monkeys on the way and hear birds chirping.

The path appears quite intriguing and mysterious with dense forest and tree roots covering everywhere. As one gets close to the caves, a panoramic view of the mountains reveals itself. Once one reaches the mouth of the cave one steps into a broad area which is considered a part of Ravana’s palace and walking into the farthest point of the cave is both exciting and terrifying as it is pitch black inside. Thus it is suggested to carry a torchlight.

It is believed that the demon king Ravana built an underground palace and the path to that palace started from these caves. It is a place for travel enthusiasts and explorers who like to take the road less travelled and are always looking for challenging paths.

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Things to Do at Ravana Caves

One can visit some nearby placeas like:

Ravana raja Maha Viharaya: A temple dedicated to Ravana and built in the 3rd century B.C.

Nildiya Pokuna: It is said to be an underground pond inside a cave or a tunnel complex built by king Rawana. One can visit here for free but may have to pay for a guide. But it’s essential that when one visits the place, one should have the company of a local and trek with enough safety measures and torchlight.

Tips while Visiting Ravana Caves

  • A water bottle should be carried when one climbs up to reach the cave and comfortable and breathable clothes and shoes must be worn as the weather there can be humid.
  • The caves are dark, and there is no lighting, so carry a torchlight.
  • The distance from the ticket counter to caves is long, and during the monsoon, the path’s slippery and exhausting so senior citizens and ones with health issues should avoid climbing up.
  • Don’t carry any food items in hand as it can attract monkeys.

History of Ravana Caves

According to a legend (Ramayana), it is said that Ravana, who was the king of Sri Lanka at the time had kidnapped Queen Sita (wife of Hindu lord Rama), and had hidden her in the caves behind the waterfall. These caves are now called as Ravana Ella caves. There’s also a myth that Ravana will rise from death at some point of time from these caves.

How To Reach Ravana Caves

One can take a government bus from Ella to reach Ravana Caves.

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